Introduction: How to Perform an Oil Change on a CBR250R

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In this instructable, I show you how I perform an oil change on a 2013 Honda CBR 250R. The process is very similar to the Honda CBR series motorcycles. The tools I used included the following:

  1. a rear bike stand
  2. an oil pan
  3. a funnel
  4. gloves
  5. 5 mm allen key
  6. 12 and 8 mm sockets
  7. socket wrench
  8. new engine oil
  9. oil filter
  10. compression washer
  11. and oil cap gasket

One of my subscribers asked for this DIY a while back. I change my motorbike oil every 8,000 km but the frequency will depend on things like the climate and your riding habits.

Ride safe, and thanks for watching.