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Introduction: How to Photoshop a Scary Picture

This is how we can make a few photos that were pretty plain by themselves into 1 photo that catches some attention. I used Photoshop 7 and three pics i had from being bored with a camera.

Step 1: Overlooked Photos

The first step is to take pictures and keep them. Organizing the folders makes for an easier and faster way to review all these pictures. I don't usually tackle a project with the idea of setting up a photo shoot just for that 1 picture. The ability to improvise with things i have already shot makes it easier for me. I chose the hand and the eye first then it looked too plain so i added the scratch later.

Step 2: Selecting for Cutting

This step is one that will be used over 'n' over when photo-shopping pictures...Selecting the portion of a picture you want to use. There are a few methods for this. What i find most efficient for me is using the magnetic lasso tool then fine tuning with the masking tool.

While in the quick mask mode you use the paintbrush to change what you have selected. To make your edges less noticeable i suggest using a soft edged brush while doing this.
To do this right click while using the paintbrush and select a soft edged  brush type... the one with a fuzzy outer edge. The bigger the brush size the more "fade" you will get on the edges.

Step 3: Cutting and Pasting

Another step that will be used over n over.
1. Edit menu: cut (or copy)
2. Open the picture you want to add this new item to
3. Edit menu: Paste
Too Easy!

Step 4: Re-sizing

Next i want to make this eye fit as best i can into the space where the kaleidoscope i was holding is. In photoshop when you paste something into another a picture it automatically makes it into a layer. There are a lot of useful controls on the layers.

1. Open the edit menu and select FREE TRANSFORM

2. Pull the edges and corners around until you get a good fit. You can also rotate it and move it about the picture until it fits where you like it.

Step 5: The Filler for the Thriller

This is the only step i didn't use another picture. Instead i paint some red "gore" Around the eyeball and throw the lashes on.

1. Select a good red color for some blood from the color pallet.
2. Create a new layer (SHIFT+CTRL+N)
3. Using the paintbrush on Normal, paint some blood towards the bottom of the eye.

This new layer allows you to erase and mess with JUST the blood and nothing else behind it.

Step 6: Cleaning Up the Blood

For this step we are going to turn down the opacity of the blood layer. that is how we can make this blood semi-transparent so we can see exactly where we need to erase. I wanted to make it so that you could see the web of the thumb more clearly. Personal choice here but useful to know how to work with the layers.
Choose the layer with the blood, Bring down the opacity until you can see the layer behind it so that you can trace the edges with the eraser.
I also saw when i was zoomed in that the pink part of the eye was poking over the index finger. I am going to erase that too so that it looks like its inside the cavity the fingers are forming. I labeled it  HMMMM with a big blue circle. I will select the eye layer and turn down the opacity and erase just like i did the blood. Again, this is a personal preference.

Step 7: Giving Death... Ahh Mean Depth to the Blood

I used color burn and and added some darker reds to the blood where i thought it needed it around the edges. Turning the brush opacity down to a low setting allows multiple brush stokes to overlap eachother without turning it black on the first one.This helps add depth.
 After that, since the lines around the shading were so defined i smudged them about with the smudge tool.

Step 8: Polishing the Blood

I decided the blood needed some highlights to make it look liquidy. I added some highlights to give it that wet look.

1. Add new layer (Shift+Ctrl+N)
2. Select white on the color chart
3. Change layer blending properties to color dodge.
4. Change the brush opacity to a low setting  (see step 5 )
5. Paint white in the areas you think might be hit by light.
6. Adjust layer opacity to desired level.

Step 9: Adding the Scratch and Fire

This step is a repeat of steps 2, 3, and 8. I selected the scratch my cat gave me as a wake up present one morning from another picture and threw it on the index finger where i thought it looked good. Then i changed the layer blending property (step 8) to darken. I thought this gave a good blend without taking too much away from the actual wound.

Step 10: Flatten Image for the Win

The last step is to save this file so you can show it on your favorite photo viewer. 
Click the File menu : Save As.
Photoshop will then give you options that fit your needs, hopefully. 

Happy Halloween and if your trick or treating this year...

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    I've got a prosthetic, so can do that in person any time I'd like. lol
    But anyway nice ible.


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    thank you. glad you could relate :))