Introduction: How to Piece Together My Cube

For This Presentation it requires going back to the introduction slide at the beggining of each step to see which piece you need.

1)First you start off by looking at my cubes and get a rough estimate of what each piece can fit into and how they would go together then you start the thought process. I have all of the pieces in an assembly so you can easily identify them, i also have them colour coordinated so that you dont get confused.

Step 1: First Step of Assembly

2)Now that you know the parts, we start off the piecing together of the whole cube by first conecting the cornor of the red piece to the yellow piece, the part of the yellow piece you should be connecting is the part that sticks out on the left side.

Step 2: Adding the Third Piece

3)Since you have started the cube assembly it is time to add the third piece. Now we are going to slide the green piece into the center of the red and yellow one as shown below. The end of the green piece should fit in between the yellow and the red and the rest of the green piece should wrap around the yellow.

Step 3: Fourth Step

4)Now that we have the three pieces we have to add the fourth orange piece. As you can see you are missing one piece to complete the base. This is where you add the orange piece. The only block sticking out is the one that slides into the corner. You its in right if one of the legs sticking out is on the red piece and one is on the green shown below.

Step 4: Almost Done!

5) Next we have to add the fifth piece which is the big purple piece. It just slides in right in the center of our creation so far. The point directly in your line of vision from the view in the introduction slide should fit on top of the yellow piece and the center should be covering the green and the yellow. The point which sticks out at the top should be on top of the red .

Step 5: Final Step and Then Your Done

6) Finally you have to put in the last piece of the puzzle which is the pink piece. It fits straight on top in the space left out. And now once it is done you should have made an exact copy of my cube.