Introduction: How to Pimp Out a Hand-Me-Down IPod With an Embarassing Engraving on the Back

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Recently my Mom got a fancy-pants new iPod Nano. So I got her old iPod. Unfortunately, it had a mushy engraving on it since it was a gift from my Dad. So, I decided to add some Rock and Roll artwork on it.

Step 1: The Artwork

I opened up Photoshop and got crackin' on awesome artwork for it. I chose a photo of Angus Young rocking out on the guitar. Then I cut him out from the background desaturated him. Then I opened up the levels window and moved the sliders so that he was only two colours. I made him a dark red instead of black, very subtle.
For the background, I made a deep red solid layer, and then I brushed on some grunge brushes I got from I set their layer style to overlay, then I made another grunge brush layer and set that to overlay on top of the other layer and it turned out pretty nicely.
For a final touch, I drew an iPod and drew the headphones going in his ears. To underline the shape of his guitar, I put a gap in the headphone cord. Then I took the that dark red colour and brushed over the iPod to look like he had it in his pocket.

Step 2: Printing

I opened up Irfan View and made the picture 2x3 inches. Then, I printed it out. Simple.

Step 3: Skinning the Pod

I cut out the picture and used clear packaging tape to tape it onto the iPod, which gave it a nice, glossy finish. I used a tough spatula to take any bubbles out. Here is the finished product.