Introduction: How to Plan a Birthday Party for Your Child

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With many options available around, planning a party for kids can be fun and entertaining. Make sure your kid has a good time and a memorable event. Below are a few tips on how to organize and plan a birthday party.

Step 1: Plan a Budget

Planning a budget can help you be better organized and will let you know what birhtday party options are you able to afford. Consider your total and stick with it. Do not worry if your budget is low, there are plenty of fun and inexpensive ways to make a party entertaining. Most of the tips mentioned below are suitable for both low and high budgets.

Step 2: Involve You Child

Once you know your budget, you are now better open to all the available options. Have you child add suggestions so that the party is more personal. Do not ask your child to come up with the party plan, as it can be disappointing if you will not be able to meet his/her expectations. Additionally, you can ask to help out with the birthday party preparations, an example can be creating invitations or putting stickers on the envelopes.

Step 3: Send Out Invitations

To avoid disappointment, make sure the guests have enough time to prepare for the party. Invitations shouldn't be sent in the last minute, instead they should be delivered at least 2 weeks before your child's birthday party. Have your guests reply to your invitations so that you know how many people will be able to arrive. Make sure you ask all parents about the allergies and dietary requirements of their children.

Step 4: Consider the Food

The food for your child's birthday party should be fun and in small sizes. Avoid any food that needs cutting and are easily grasped by small hands. These can include small sandwiches, mini pizzas, mini burgers and slices of fruit. The websites below show a wide variety of other snacks that are suitable for children's party.

Step 5: Order a Birthday Cake

Once you know how many guests will arrive, you now know how big the cake needs to be. Make sure the cake looks fun and has your child's best flavor in it. Additionally, purchase candles and place them on top of the cake, so that your child can make a wish!

Step 6: Decide on a Theme

Deciding on a theme is a crucial step for the party. Make sure that the decorations and party supplies will be liked by your child by asking him/her before your do your shopping. Do not get a baseball theme if your child isn't interested in it. Once you gather suggestions, you can start shopping. Many online stores offer the whole set of party supplies, such as . This is a great way if you want to make sure that your decoration matches and that every child has the same plate and cup.

Step 7: Plan Short Games

To make the party more interactive and fun, plan a few short games. A few examples can be conducting a scavenger hunt or pinning the tail on the donkey. If your budget is higher, then consider hiring a magician or taking your child and guest to a bowling alley. Outdoor games can be tricky as the weather can ruin the fun, that is way you should have a couple of other options available. The links below offer a list of fun and interactive games:

Step 8: Have Goodie Bags

Goodie bags are a great way to thank the guests for coming. These are given at the end of the party and can include anything from food to small toys. If you plan on giving toys, make sure the are age-appropriate and safe for the guests. Additionally, you can have each parent take home a few leftover food, so it doesn't go to waste. Make sure your child personally thanks each guest for coming!

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