Introduction: How to PlastiDip Your Car's Rims Matte Black Without Tire Removal!

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Plastidip is a great way to add color and style to your car without any permanent affects in case you mess up or change your mind. Plus it's cheap, relatively easy to remove, and does not stain.

This whole project cost me about $20, I bought aerosol spray grip from home depot for $2 and used about 3 $6 cans.

Step 1: Preparation

Needed Items-

#1. 2-4 cans of which ever color Plastidip you choose, available at home depot or online @ or $6-9 per can.

#2. Fast drying cleanser like Windex.

#3. Over-spray cover like toilet paper or newspaper.

#4. Rag or sand paper.


Step 2: Cleaning

Be sure to rub every inch of your rims to clean off dirt and brake dust. Even take some time to clean the tires towards the rims as this will help the excess peel off easier.

Step 3: Covering the Brakes

It is important to ensure that your brakes remain unaffected by the plastidip. Although plastidip comes off, it may be difficult to clean the brakes as they are inside the rim. Be sure your cover does not protrude past the rim as this will prevent the spray from reaching every area on the rim.

Step 4: Laying Down the Base Layer

As you can see, the base layer should look smokey. When spraying keep your nosel about 4 inches away from the rim, and always test spray on paper to ensure the nosel isn't partially blocked, do this later in between layers. Be sure to spray around the edge of the rim and even a little on the tire, as this makes peeling excess off a lot easier. Use side-to-side motions while only spraying while moving, this prevents thick spots. Make sure you spray from all angles and not just from above.

Step 5: Following Layers

After you have repeated step 4 on all 4 rims wait 10 min and proceed to this step.

Go over your first layer with the same motion, be sure to get the edge of the rim, spray some on the tire itself, and this time try and get those crevices in the rim (keep nosel at least 4 in. away from the rim).

After your 2nd layer things should look darker. Repeat this step until you have 3-4 layers and allow 10 minutes of drying time in between layers.

Step 6: Final Drying Time

As I said you need patience. Letting the plastidip sit will help it form a stronger bond and come off easier when you go to peel the excess. Allow 30 min after your final layer for it all to dry.

Step 7: Peeling

Use your nail or a flat head screw driver to break the surface of the plastidip on the tire. Try and roll and peel it around the rim. Don't worry, the plastidip will break around the rim and won't affect what's important. Continue peeling around the rim until you have taken off all the largest areas possible. The excess spray that did not come off can be rubbed off with a cloth or sand paper.

Step 8: Enjoy and Be Careful for a Day or Two

Plastidip gets it's full strength about a day after spraying. It will be okay to drive, just don't let your friends rub it as they admire your beautiful work. After that it will be very secure on your rims, but still able to be removed later if needed.

I hope you found this instructable helpful, please feel free to ask questions or comment!

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