Introduction: How to Play Any Game in VR

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This is a tutorial on how to play any game in virtual reality using a android phone google cardboard and Trinus VR

Step 1: Supplies


Google Cardboard (or any android vr viewer)

Trinus Vr app on phone Free or Paid Version (The apps are the same but one has a time limit)

Trinus Vr client

Game (any game preferably on that uses mouse to look around)


Straps For google cardboard

Step 2: Download Client

Go to and click the download tab then click on the windows 7 and up client.

Step 3: Download App and Prepare to Pair

Download the app on your phone using one of the links below.

Go to this if you want to trial version. Go to this if you want to buy it for $9.99*

Now that the app is downloaded connect to the same wifi as the computer (or LAN).

*price may vary

Step 4: Start the Server

Open trinus vr and select wifi mode. Then Turn on by clicking the triangle.

(triangle should turn blue or purple)

Step 5: Open Your Game

Start your game. It doesn't matter what game it is but games that use mouse to look around are helpful. I am using Minecraft just because i like it.

Step 6: Connect

Now open the app on your phone and click wifi then the triangle. The app should quickly change screens to a split version of your game.

Step 7: Play

Have fun playing all your games in VR.

Step 8: Configuration

That's all the important steps now you can fine tune it to your game. Go to advanced settings. Then refer to the picture above to show what does what.

For more configuration tips go to this link.

That's all please leave constructive comments.