How to Play Daily Fantasy Football on DraftKings (Success Not Guaranteed)

Introduction: How to Play Daily Fantasy Football on DraftKings (Success Not Guaranteed)

Hello, sports fans first I would like to thank you joining me today. My name is Jordan, and I will be walking you through how to play Daily Fantasy Football on DraftKings.

Daily fantasy football is a sub-class of fantasy sports games. As with traditional fantasy football, players compete against other by building a team of professional football players, and earn points based on the actual statistical performance of the players in actual games. Daily fantasy football are an accelerated variant of traditional fantasy football that are conducted over short-term periods, such as a week or even a single day of competition as opposed to traditional which are played across an entire season.

It is highly disputed whether daily fantasy sports are considered a form of gambling; and the legality of daily fantasy sports in the United States is backed by the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, which states that paid fantasy sports competitions- are defined as competitions with outcomes based on skill that involve the "accumulated statistical results of sporting events with pre-defined prizes, are not considered gambling". However, laws in five U.S. states: Arizona, Montana, Louisiana, Iowa and Washington, either have a more restrictive definition of a game of skill, or outright ban paid fantasy sports, thus making daily fantasy games illegal in these territories.

Step 1: Step 1: Create Your Account

1. Once you’ve searched for the Draft Kings website ( Click the Play Now Icon displayed in the center of the homepage. From there you’ll be prompted to create a username and password. Once you’ve entered all the fields, be sure to check the box acknowledge the Terms of Use/Privacy Policy as well as your age.

2. Once you’ve created an account, you’ll need to deposit some funds into your account. If you do not feel comfortable depositing and playing with real money you can also play in the free contests available on the site.

NOTE: The minimum deposit is $5, but you can choose to deposit more (DraftKings is currently matching your deposit, so you might prefer to take advantage of that).

Step 2: Step 2: Join a Contest

2.1. Now that you’ve signed up, it’s time to find a contest to join. Select Lobby from the upper navigation bar to see the entire list of contest, then select NFL to select the NFL matches available.

2.2. Next, you will have to determine which contest you would like to join. They’re many different contests you can choose. Here’s a description of a few of the different types of contests you can choose from.

You have Head-to-Head- (which the winner takes all in these one-on-one contests).

50/50’s – ( which teams finishing in the top-half of the field win cash no matter the number of entries).

But, I would recommend Beginner- (In which you play against other beginners in up to 50 contests for each sport. Once you reach that limit, per sport, these contests will no longer be available to enter).

2.3. Once you decide which contest you'd like to enter, click on the "Draft Team" button to enter that contest and draft a team.

NOTE: For this demonstration I Selected a Beginner Contest; you can read the Contest Summary and Prize Payout Structure before clicking on the "Draft Team" button which displays contest details.

Step 3: Step 3: Draft Your Team

3.1. In each contest, participants will be assigned a fixed salary cap of $50,000 that they can use
to draft their entire roster.

3.2. The Player Pool will consist of all players participating in the current day's games, their positions, and their salary. Player salaries are determined by their performance, and are not related to the player's actual compensation.

3.3. Once all the position slots in the roster have been filled, and the team salary is less than or equal to the salary cap, the participant can submit his roster for the contest. For this demonstration I selected Quarterback Aaron Rodgers to display how after clicking the green plus sign (+) beside his name, he was then added to my roster and his salary was subtracted from the fixed $50,000 salary cap.

3.4. After filling all roster spots, you must then submit your entry.

NOTE: After the participant submits a roster, the participant can modify the roster until the contest begins.

Step 4: Step 4: Win Cash!

4.1. If a contest is guaranteed,the contest payout will be that guaranteed prize total even if the contest is not filled when it begins.

4.2. If a contest is not guaranteed, the contest will be cancelled if it is not filled when it begins, but the buy-in amount will be refunded.

4.3. If you place into a paid position in the contest you entered, you win the amount determined by the prize structure for that contest!

4.4. The cash you win will automatically be credited to your account so you can use it to enter more contests!

Step 5: Step 5: Go Make Some Money!

Now you’re ready to go make some money!

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