Introduction: How to Play Defence With Perfection!

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Do you ever want to play defence in Hockey, Ringette, Basketball or Lacrosse? Well if you can relate you are just like me. In Ringette and Lacrosse, I tend to play defence like a pro. So if you are wanting to play perfect defence, but you feel you are not playing as good as you want to, lucky for you, I will be teaching you how to. Well... how can I sum it up? Lets just say, I’ll be teaching you to go in the opposite direction of playing terrible defence! In this tutorial I will be teaching you how to play perfect defence in Lacrosse.

Let’s get right into this tutorial!!!

Step 1: Get Your Materials

You will need to get the following materials:

A lacrosse stick as long as your arm with deep mesh, some gear (Hint! You can buy gear online.) (TIP! You should definitely get wrist guards!), 1 pair of runners, 2 teams, a goalie from both teams, 2 lacrosse nets, 1 thick lacrosse ball, a lacrosse field, a helmet, and a big crowd of fans to cheer you on!!!

Step 2: Getting Set Up

First you will need to get into a team of 13 - 18, put on all of your gear, grab your stick and head out to the field. Once your goalie is in position and ready to go, the game can begin.

Step 3: Starting the Game

Next, the game will start with a face off. You will want to start off by keeping a distance from the centre. (TIP! Go and watch my other sport tutorials on how to do a lacrosse face off.) If your team gets the ball then all is good! Although, if the other team gets the ball, then this is when the perfect defence would come in handy.

Step 4: Defence Is the Key

OK, now the other team is running towards your goalie with speed. Well this is when you would play perfect defence! First what you would need to do is stand about 4 feet away from the house line. (TIP! The house is the area where you want to push the other teams’ players out.)

Step 5: Getting a Little Physical

Then you will want to start hitting their stick in a straight motion or in a “J” motion, to attempt to get the ball back in your possession. If the player who is cradling the ball, changes the plans, and passes the ball to a player on the other side of the net, here is what you will need to do.

Step 6: Being Prepared

When the other team passes the ball, two players on your team should push out and one will stand beside the goalkeeper. Remember to stay outside of the crease. To play the awesome position of defence, what you will need to do is put your stick above your head and swing it wildly. If you can try to push out players so they can get a bad shot or not pick up an easy pass. Just remember to have your feet a little over shoulder width apart, that your knees are bent and that you are down low. This position is called triple threat position.

Step 7: Swinging Up, Getting Down and Moving Around

Now that you are in this perfect lacrosse position, you will have to start bouncing around on your toes a little bit. If your opponent shoots on your goaltender, get your stick up and try to intercept the ball. Although, if the ball get’s past you, just hope the ball does not get into the net!

Step 8: Forming a Defence-men

If you want to keep this perfect form,win your games and be a perfect defence-man, do this over and over. Most importantly… PRACTICE!

Thank you for reading my, “How to Play Perfect Defence in Lacrosse” tutorial. Have fun and good luck!