Introduction: How to Play Fantasy Football

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get espn app for ios and aos ( android os)
the espn in the overall best app for fantasy football not draft kings..
that is cuase ESPN is the world wide leader in sports

you play by choosing and drafting players in the NFL and when that player score
you will get points when they score get more points then other people in your league play the season and make the playoffs!
win and get bragging rights

Step 1: Make Your Account

make your account this account isnt really mine so hacking it does no good..
but sign in with email or facebook
and hit sign in

Step 2: Make Your Team

there is the menu and you will want to make your team..
i prefer snake draft cause it gives everyone in the draft a chance to draft!
make your team location, name, and the abbrevation!
and logo

Step 3: Enter the Draft and Draft

most cruial part is the draft!
dont do every person for the nfl team u like cause it will hurt you when your team has a bye week!
instead go with some big names such as
Drew Brees
Julio Jones
Eddie Lacy
Amari Cooper etc.

make sure when you draft your folks they dont all have the same bye week.
also go and gamble on some rookies cause if you go and do all the big names and no small, new, or rookies u will have no excitement!

then just wait and watch thw NFL games and claim your bragging rights

Step 4: Thanks Plz Leave Comments, Qustions, Etc.

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