How to Play Monopoly Drinking Board Game

Introduction: How to Play Monopoly Drinking Board Game

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This is a guide for How to Add Drinking Rules to the classic and already awesome game of Monopoly. Warning: this is for adults only who are legal drinking age and I am not responsible for any damage to person and property caused by playing this game. We will take responsibility for the fun as a result of these rules!

What's required:

- Monopoly Board Game

- Alcoholic beverage of your choice

That's it!

Step 1: How to Play Classic Monopoly

The objective of Monopoly is to be the person who holds the richest player with the most real estate. You win when you are the last player standing and have brought the other poor players in the game to their knees. Quick breakdown of the Monopoly rules to use as the base for the Monopoly drinking game:

  • Everyone starts on the space "Go".
  • When you land on a property that is not owned by another player, you can buy it from the bank. The price for the land is on the back of the property card. Once owned, when another player lands on your property they pay you rent, the rent increases demanding on how many houses or hotels are on the property.
  • Once you own all 3 colors, now you can add houses and then once 4 houses, upgrade to hotels.
  • You can mortgage the property to the bank, the value of the mortgage is on the back and you must buy it back for full value.
  • If you land on chance or community, choose the card and complete the action on the card.
  • If you roll doubles three times in a row you go to jail.
  • Every time you pass go, collect $200.
  • If you land in free parking, collect the pot of cash in the middle that all the taxes are contributed too.
  • If you do not have enough money left to pay rent and no more properties to mortgage, you must declare bankruptcy.

Step 2: Monopoly Drinking Rules

Now that you know the basics of Monopoly, here's the drinking game rules to add in:

  • 1 drink if you land on someone property
  • 2 drinks if they own all of that property
  • 3 drinks if you land on a hotel
  • 1 drink if you roll doubles
  • 1 drink if you must pay luxury tax
  • Give 2 drinks when you land exactly on GO
  • 1 drink if you must mortgage a property
  • Go to jail and finish your entire drink
  • 1 drink if someone comes to just visit you in jail
  • 1 drink if you must have to pay your water or electric bill
  • Pour 1 drink to FREE parking for any bills you must pay
  • 1 drink if you land one someone’s railroad (+1 per additional they own)
  • Slam the common glass if you get Free Parking.
  • Assign 1 drink to someone else if you get money back from government.
  • 1 Drink if you must pay at a Community Chest or Chance Card.

Step 3: That's It! Now We Leave You With a Joke

"You can tell Monopoly is an old game because there is a luxury tax and rich people go to jail" hahah

Drinking Monopoly Game is one of the games in our 20+ fun drinking games for adults list.

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