Introduction: How to Play My Rainbow Game!

You can print out the picture above so you can play yourself! In this instructable, I will show you how to play my original board game! My sister gave me the idea of the board game.
The contents of this game are:
Rainbow game
130 cards (cut by hand, 16 of each color in the rainbow, 16 of question mark cards, and 2 cards of pass. In the beginning put these card in random spots.)
One dice
5 beads as pieces. Pink, orange, yellow, blue, purple (those are the only colors of beads I have)
Have fun! If you play let me know! I will also show you how to make it.

Step 1: How to Make!

I used 8 sheets of paper for the cards. The size is standard copy paper. Fold the paper in half 4 times. Then cut it or tear it. Then for the design, draw a straight line in the middle of the card with a colored marker. Then on the left side of the top, right the color and finish the line with other lines. Repeat on the bottom and all the cards. For the question cards, draw a big question mark. Make 2 small cards that say PASS. If you land on a space with this card, you don’t have to do the task.

It’s a bit hard to explain but let me just point out the important squares. There are 3 question mark squares. There is a skip space and an “UH-OH” space. All the other spaces are rainbow spots. To make the board game, I used a 14 inch by 17 inch paper.

Step 2: Cards and Spaces

Each different color of the rainbow card has a different task. Starting from red, the tasks get harder. In the question mark cards, there are surprises like “The person to your left gives you a task” or “No task”
Each space means something different.
Colored spaces: Pick up a card of that color.
Skip: Follow the gum drops to the spot you skip to.
Question space: Pick up a question card.
“UH-OH”: Go down the slide all the way back to the beginning.

Step 3: On Your Turn!

To determine who goes first, everyone rolls the dice. Whoever gets the highest number goes first. After that persons turn, go clockwise. On your turn, roll the dice. Whatever number you roll, go that many spaces. When you land, pick up a card of that color. Do the task on the card. Then it is your opponents turn.

Step 4: Finish!

The first person who reaches the finish line wins! I designed all the cards and the board game so it would mean a lot if you printed this game and played it. It’s a lot of fun! I have already played with my sister!

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