How to Play Quidditch

Introduction: How to Play Quidditch

This is my instructable for Quidditch the game. I played this at my birthday party once and it was a big hit i hope you all enjoy this game as much as i did. (for those of you who are deciding who gets in the contests i think that this should be able to enter because it describes how to build and use a snitch in the game of quidditch.)

Step 1: Materials

you will need:

  • brooms for everybody (actual brooms, sticks painted broom colored, plastic brooms, just something that they can "ride" on)
  • two hula hoops
  • 4 garden stakes
  • two "bludgers" (USE PLUSH TOYS OR SOMETHING!)
  • one Quaffle (football, basketball, just something to hold that looks different from bludgers)
  • one snitch (will elaborate later)

Step 2: The Snitch

the snitch is a simple system. All it is, is a bobber painted gold (you can add wings if you want to complete the image), and a fishing rod that way, you can have somebody up on a higher point than the field and they can swing the fishing rod around to make the snitch "Fly".

Step 3: Goals

next you need the hoops to score in. For this you can try to go all fancy and get the hoop on a stick to make it like the real ones, or, like me, you can just use the garden stakes to stake some hula hoops to the ground. Then, to score, all you have to do is roll the Quaffle into the hoop.

Step 4: Bludgers

so, for the bludgers, you have to have a safe way to throw something at each other. you could use a dodge ball, or pretty much anything that won't hurt.

Step 5: Gameplay Part 1

to play quid ditch, you need to have team captains. just choose two people to be captains of teams. make sure the teams are even and both teams are happy with their teammates. Then, have captains assign these jobs.

  • keeper: the person who guards the hoop. people for this job per team: 1
  • chaser: the person who tries to score in the opponents hoop. people for this job per team: depends on how many people are left
  • seeker: the person who has to catch the snitch. people for this job per team: 1
  • beaters: the people who block and throw the Bludgers people for this job per team: 3
  • score keeper/snitch swinger: the person who swings the snitch and keeps score. people for this job for both teams combined: 1

Step 6: Gameplay Part 2


  • if you get hit by a bludger, you are immobile for 5 seconds
  • if you score in the opponents hoop you gain 10 points
  • if you catch the snitch you gain 30 points
  • keeper can only block with feet
  • you may not hit other players
  • the bludgers have to be thrown you may not tag others with it
  • when the snitch is caught, game over
  • you must stay on your broomstick, if you get off, you are out of the game until the next score
  • only seekers may catch the snitch
  • only keepers may block the quaffle
  • only beaters may thrown and block the bludgers
  • only chasers may score with the quaffle
  • if a chaser has the quaffle, other chasers from the other team can slap it out of their hands if they are to get the ball back
  • you must throw the quaffle to another chaser before scoring at least once
  • there is no limit to passes

Step 7: Oh and There Are Brooms

the broomstick can be anything long that you can sit on. just put one hand on it and sit on it like a horse. Then, just run around and keep on your broomstick.

Step 8: And There Is Also the Quaffle

just make it look different from the bludgers and make it holdable. nuff said

Step 9: Done

i hope you all enjoyed this game if you played it, and i hope that it is not too boring. i thought it was fun. and i hope that you all were able to follow the rules, i got a little lost myself. So please vote for me and thank you all for reading this.


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    4 years ago

    I played this at my Bithday party and got my other friends to appreciate harry potter by playin this


    Reply 3 years ago

    that's awesome i hope you had fun!