Introduction: How to Plug a Tire

Have you ever had a tire that leaked and you didn’t know where it was coming from? I have had this happen to me multiple times and I am saving people the time and money by getting a new tire. In this instructable, I will show you the five steps when it comes to plugging a hole in a tire.


The tools that you will need to complete this instructable are a torch, a plug, soapy water, and two T-handle tools. I strongly suggest you watch a video on how to do it if you have never plugged one before.

Step 1: Locating the Leakage

The first step in plugging a tire is to identify the leak. You will use your soapy water and pour (or spray) it on your tire until you find an area that is bubbling, indicating there is air coming out. You will only need the soapy water if you cannot hear where the leak is coming from. Remove any debris in the tire if found.

Step 2: Clearing Out the Debris

The second step is to use the straight T-handle tool to shove through the hole to push any stuck items in the tire out. This will also help putting the plug in the tire easier and smoother. Feel around the hole and insert in and out a couple times to make sure it is clear of debris.

Step 3: Plugging the Hole

The third step is to put the plug through the other T-handle tool. Once you have the plug through, you will begin to put the tool into the hole. Then push the plug into the hole until there is a quarter inch of the plug sticking out of the hole. Pull the T-handle tool straight out releasing the plug into the hole.

Step 4: Sealing the Hole

The fourth step is to use the torch to melt the plug down to the tire. This will help seal up the hole and make sure the plug is secure to the tire and will not come out while driving.

Step 5: Checking Your Air

The fifth step in plugging a tire is to air your tire back up to the appropriate level of PSI. You will need a tire gauge to make sure you are accurate with your air level. To make it is not leaking, check it one more time with soapy water.