Introduction: How to Polish Faded Door Post Trim

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Video tutorial on how to restore faded door or window post trim on a vehicle. Some versions you may find are painted, others will have a plastic cap overtop of the door structure. This procedure does apply to both versions. In the video, there is a piece which divides two pieces of glazing and two other pieces finishing off the door edge. Normally these oxidize over time, so when waxing your vehicle, I would highly recommend applying a coat of wax to these as well so it has a layer of protection from the exterior elements.

Tools/Supplies Needed:

  • tape
  • polishing compound
  • soft cloth
  • wax applicator pad
  • microfiber cloth
  • wax

Step 1:

First start by washing the vehicle, removing any dirt or contaminants which can jeopardize the polish process. Tape off any adjacent areas as added protection. This will help prevent any wax or compound getting into cracks, staining rubber trim, or affecting surrounding areas.

Step 2:

Using a soft cloth, apply some polishing compound and then working it into the surface. Apply more polishing compound when needed and even use water to moisturize the existing compound. Once satisfied, wipe the area with a damp cloth to remove any compound residue. Apply a wax for a final shine and protection. Use a wax of your choice, I am using a carnauba as a personal preference. Once the wax has setup, then remove and buff using a microfiber cloth.

Step 3:

Now a before and after comparison. As you can see the plastic trim has a restored finish.

Step 4:

Now moving onto the rear window posts, again using the same process. Taping off the surround areas first, apply a polishing compound with a soft cloth, and work it into the surface. Once satisfied, clean the area to remove any compound residue and move onto a wax of your choice. Apply it to the surface, allow it to setup, and buff using a microfiber cloth. Remove the tape and enjoy the newly restored surface.

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