Introduction: How to Polish Polycarbonate Bug Deflector

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Video tutorial on how to polish a bug defector. Just like your headlights, bug deflectors can fade over time. Besides bug deflectors, this tutorial also applies to the wind deflectors found around the windows too. These are normally made of a polycarbonate or also known as lexan.

Tools/Supplies Needed:

  • polishing compound
  • wax
  • microfiber cloth
  • clean clothes
  • carwash soap and water
  • bottle of water with spray

Step 1:

Start by washing the vehicle so all dirt and contaminants have been removed. This will ensure we don’t contaminate the polishing process and create any unwanted scratches. Also make sure behind the deflector is clean, this is a hard to reach area and can be overlooked when washing a vehicle.

Normally the back side doesn’t fade as it is somewhat protected by the elements. So there really isn’t a need to remove it from the vehicle.

Stick some clean cloths behind the deflector so it won’t flex too much and risk rubbing against your paint.

Step 2:

Using a polishing compound, apply it to a soft cloth.

Work the product into the surface applying medium pressure.

Depending on the type of polishing compound you are using, a mist of water can be applied to moisturize the compound.

Apply more compound when needed.

A machine buffer can be used, but considering these normally aren’t a flat surface we can risk burning the finish. This normally doesn’t take too long by hand either, for this particular deflector it should only take about 20 minutes at the very most.

Step 3:

Once satisfied, give the deflector a wipe down with a damp clean cloth to remove any compound residue.

Sometimes the surface maybe etched from bugs, so you can give it a light stand with 2000 grit wet/dry compatible sandpaper if you wish.

Make sure the deflector is dry and then finish up with a wax of your choice to protect the surface from fading again, along with giving it a final shine.

Just like your lights, wax should be applied to these deflectors every time you wax your vehicle so it prevents them from fading again.

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