Introduction: How to Power a Gopro With Lipo Balance Plug

Hi guys,

This time I'm showing you how to use the balance plug of a lipo battery to power USB devices. Usually, the balance plug is used when charging a lipo battery. It safeguards same voltage on all cells. But with this hack you can use it as a power output for an USB device.

I'm using it on my 3inch cinewhoop drone to power a Gopro Hero 7. I wanted to stay below 250 gram in order to avoid tougher regulations. With this hack you can safe around 20 gram without decasing your Gopro. Now my drone comes in at 236 gram AUW with a 4s 450mAH lipo battery.


Step 1: Soldering

  1. First, you need to desolder the USB socket on the step up module. Turn it on the back to heat up the solder joints with your soldering iron. Then pull the socket.
  2. Cut the jumper wire in size. I used red for positive and black for negative.
  3. Solder the jumper wired on the inputs of the step down module. There are + and - signs for positive and negative input.
  4. Connect the USB-C PCB to the output of the step down module.The USB-C power inputs are usually marked with GND (-) and VBUS (+). On the step up module there are 8 holes. Usually the the outer ones are for power. If you are not sure look up in the manual/description or test with a Voltmeter.
  5. Use heat shrinking tubing to protect.

Step 2: Connect to Balance Plug

  1. Connect your USB power module to the lipo balance plug (positive to positive and negative to negative)
  2. It's important that you plug in on the outer plugholes so you are using all cells. It was simple on my Lipo as positive and negative were marked red and black. Again, you should test with a Voltmeter.
  3. The LED on the Step up module should light up signaling that it is working. Now you can power devices via USB-C.

Step 3: Finished

Now that you are finished I hope you enjoy this hack. I'm using it on my cinewhoop and I'm happy how it works. You can see how the footage of the drone looks like in my YouTube video. Enjoy!