How to Preform the Weebiest Magic Trick in the World!!!

Introduction: How to Preform the Weebiest Magic Trick in the World!!!

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Hello everybody!!! Sean the magical weeaboo here to teach you how to preform the weebiest magic trick ever!!!! And don't worry, even if you are a boring normie this card trick can easily be adapted to your liking so you don't have to look like a cringey weeaboo like me when you preform it. Let's get started!!!!!!

Step 1: What You Need...

A handkerchief,

Stickers of anime girls,

Two boxes of cards.

if you don't want to do it the weeaboo way you can use one blue deck of cards instead so you preform a colour change instead of a best girl swap.


Step 2: Setup

cut up one of the boxes so just the flap and the top of the case is left.

place stickers on the boxes.

Step 3:

plaice the cut box over the uncut box and tuck in the flaps.

Step 4: The Effect

Explain to the audience you are going to do a card trick and pull out the pack of cards.

look down at it and say "you know what? (Enter girl here) gets way too much attention in this show. There are other girls in this show who deserve more."

Pull the handkerchief out of your pocket and slide it across the top.

As you do so, remove the first case to reveal the second one.

Step 5: Things to Remember

Make sure to lift the handkerchief in a way that the case underneath cannot be noticed lifting up the handkerchief.

Once you do the change, put the handkerchief directly back in your pocket in order not to risk someone noticeing the gimmick.

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    4 years ago

    I have no idea what you are talking about, but I think I might be a "boring normie."