How to Prep Wine Bottles for Crafting




Introduction: How to Prep Wine Bottles for Crafting

There have been a lot of crafts around recently that involved wine bottles. Wine bottles are a great craft source since they are so easy to find. However before you can craft you often need to prep the wine bottles which include cleaning them and removing any labels. This is often the most tricky part. Here is a great way to prep your bottles so they are ready for any crafts.

Step 1: Start by Soaking the Bottles

1. Begin by filling your sink with hot water.

2. Add one scoop of OxyClean to the sink of hot water - This will help the labels slip off easily

3. Slowly add your bottles to the water. - Make sure that the labels are completely submerged in the water

4. Leave to soak for about a half hour.

Step 2: Peel Off Labels

1. After a good soaking the bottle labels should be ready to peel off. Many of the labels will slide off easily.

2. Every so often peeling off the label will leave a little reside. If this happens take a piece of steel wool to the bottle and rub it over the area. The residue should come right off. If it doesn't it might need to be soaked longer

Step 3: Take Off Top Label

1. Sometimes wine bottle have a top label on the neck of the bottle. The easiest way to take it off is to use an exacto knife and run it up the label. The label should then peel right off.

Step 4: Time to Start Crafting!

Now with a quick dry, your bottles are ready for the crafts of your choice.

Have fun crafting!!

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    best way to get sticky off bottles is spray with a little WD40 or rub some cooking oil in and leave for an hour or so. No problem it just comes off.


    6 years ago

    Will the steel wool scratch the bottle and leave markings?


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    I have never had the steel wool scratch the bottles. It you use the steel wool while the bottle is underwater the label residue comes off real easy.