Introduction: How to Prepare Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Stuffed Chicken Breast

These are the steps to prepare an easy, delicious meal for two or many people.  I have used this process dozens of times and want to share it with you.

While most people like to cook, some of us are not very good at it. No Worries! Even those with the most moderate of skills will be able to produce this meal in less than hour from start to finish.   The following instructions will provide a simple, tasty, and low cleanup dish to impress your spouse or guests.  So go ahead and give it a go because everyone loves a good cook!

Tip:For best results read through these steps from start to finish before attempting.  This will give you the chance to make a plan and get answers to any questions you may have.Remember the 7p's! Pretty Poor Planning Provides Pretty Poor Production!

Step 1: Get the Ingredients Together

Go to your local grocery store and buy the following items

·       Chicken
  Get as many breasts you need to feed your party
·       Bacon
Two pieces of bacon for each breast.
For smaller batches, try the meat department and see if they sell bacon by the pound. If they do, buy the amount you need
        without needing an entire package of bacon.

·       Cheese
8 ounces for every 3 breasts
·       Marinade
One package for every 3 breasts
·       Jalapenos
         One jar of sliced jalapenos(not pickled)

Collect items that you may already have but will need
·        Bowl
·        Fork
·        Cutting Board
·        Oil
·        Optional Additional Seasonings for chicken
·        Tap Water

Step 2: Prepare Ingredients

Tip: Wash your hands before handling food.  You may have germs on your hands that you do not
want on your food. 

Tip:Place paper towels on the counter where you are going to work.  This will greatly reduce the
amount of cleaning needed when finished.

Tip:Cut the cheese first so you can you the same knife to cut the chicken.  You shouldn't cut the
raw chicken and then the cheese because the cheese may not get hot enough to kill any germs
that may have been in the chicken.

Make the Marinade
1)Pour the contents into a bowl big enough to hold one large chicken breast
2)Add water and Oil as directed on marinade package
3)Stir with a fork until consistent
Tip:Use additional seasoning to make a dish that is unique to your tastes

Slice the Cheese
Warning: Knives are sharp! Do not cut yourself
!!!This is best avoided by cutting away from any body part and using a cutting board
1)Place cheese on a cutting board.
2)Cut into slices
Tip:A good thickness is about the width of a typical glass jar lid.(See picture)

Fillet Chicken
Warning: Knives are sharp! Do not cut yourself!!!This is best avoided by cutting away from any body part and using a cutting board
1)Place chicken on a cutting board
2)Start cut on thin side of breast
3)Lift the top flap as you cut through
4)Continue until you have cut 3/4 towards far side
Tip :When done you should be able to open the breast like a book. (See picture in next step)

Step 3: Assemble

Tip:Now is a good time to start the grill. Follow manufacturer's instructions for starting the grill for the safest results.

1)Stuff the breast
·       Place a piece of cheese in each breast
·       Add Jalapenos to your preference, usually 2-4 slices is a good amount
·       Pour about a tablespoon of marinade in each breast

2)Close the breast

3)Wrap in Bacon
         1)Lay the bacon flat on the cutting board
         2)Set the breast on the bacon about 3 inches from left edge(see picture)
         3)Put the left end of bacon on top of the breast
         4)Pull the right end over the left end securing it place
         5)Continue wrapping until the bacon runs out of length
         6)Repeat with second piece of bacon.  Try to cover as much of breast as possible with bacon.

Step 4: Cook

1)Adjust the temperature of the grill
·      Achieve a steady state of 400-500 degrees Fahrenheit
       Tip:After reaching the cooking temperature, If the grill you are using has more than
turn the burner to low that will be directly under the breasts.  Then adjust the
       other burners to maintain the temperature.  This method uses indirect cooking, 
       allowing the breast to cook all the way through without burning the outside.

2)Dip the breast in the marinade until fully coated.

3)Place on grill
Warning :At this point the grill is very hot and will burn you!Avoid touching the grill with
your hand

4)Monitor the underside of the chicken for when to turn
·      10-15 minutes is a typical cooking time for the first side.
Note :Obviously this depends on the grill and the cook.  Be advised that you should stay
       close to the grill and vigilante.  Both the chicken and bacon will drip fat which is flammable. 
       Placing foil under the breast is a way to hinder the flames, but does allow the chicken to
       cook in fat which kind of defeats the purpose of grilling opposed to pan frying. 

5)Turn the breast over to the other side
Warning :At this point the grill is very hot and will burn you!Avoid touching the grill with
       your hand
Tip: For a "better" appearance, when you turn the breast place it on the other burner. 
       This may give you those grill lines that are associated with grilling.  If you are using the
       tip about indirect cooking, turn the new burner under the chicken down and the burner
       that was under the breast up.

Tip:Use the fork that you used to mix the marinade.  This will cut down on cleanup.

6)Check the temperature with a thermometer
Eating undercooked poultry can make you very sick.
·   Use meat thermometer to make sure the chicken is at least 165 degrees Fahrenheit in
       the center of the breast. There are several different kinds of thermometers and many different
       procedures for using them so use the manufacturer's instructions for best results

7)Cook longer until core temperature is satisfactory

8)Place three pieces of cheese and a jalapeno slice on each breast

9)Cook for 2-3 minutes or until cheese is melted

Step 5: Serve

When finished you should have something that resembles the below pictures. 

Cook some side dishes to accompany your masterpiece.
Good choices or suggestions:
·       Rice
·       Corn (loose or on the cob)
·       Green Beans
·       Pasta Salad
·       Slice and serve on pasta or in a sourdough roll

Now that you have a meal, enjoy it!  After a couple of attempts you will be an expert and be ready improvise.  As far as clean up goes, if you put down the paper towels in step one you should have only five items to clean. 
·       Marinade Bowl
·       Cutting Board
·       One Fork
·       One Knife
·       Grill
Four of those will go into the dish washer and cleaning the grill is a 30 second job. So all said and told,  you have a full belly, impressed people, and the cleanup was easy.  That is a pretty good deal.