How to Prepare for the End in Mine Craft

Introduction: How to Prepare for the End in Mine Craft

Hi! Today I will show you how to prepare for the end in mine craft! This means the weapons you will need and how to make the portal!


1 diamond sword

1 bow

6 unbreaking enchantment books

1 flame enchantment book

1 fire aspect enchantment book

1 infinity enchantment book

12 end portal frames

12 ender eye balls

Step 1: Weapons

Enchant your diamond sword with the following: fire aspect and unbreaking.

Next enchant your bow with the following: flame, unbreaking, and infinity.

Step 2: Armor Stuff

For this step you will need your strongest armor (iron or diamond) and enchant it with these enchantments: blast protection, fire protection, feather falling and unbreaking. Make sure you do this from the helmet to the boots!

Step 3: Making the Portal

Once your armor and weapons are ready you are ready to make the portal! Dig a 3 by 3 hole, next stand inside the hole and place the end portal frames without the corners. Then still inside the hole place the ender eye balls inside the portal frames, this will activate it. This may take a few tries to activate it.

Step 4: Warnings!

Here are some warnings!

Please be sure you are ready to go to the end meaning: you have a shelter, you have diamonds and you have lots of XP (experience).

You do not have to enchant your weapons and armor with unbreaking but I highly advise to because the ender dragon is hard to beat/OP (overpower).

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    5 years ago

    lol ???????

    Cat lover 126
    Cat lover 126

    6 years ago

    I followed all the steps and I actually succeeded

    Sergio Ulloa
    Sergio Ulloa

    6 years ago

    why you post this on technology?


    6 years ago

    Good Minecraft tutorial!