How to Print Almost Everything From FORTNITE (with Only Freeware ... and No Particular Skills)

Introduction: How to Print Almost Everything From FORTNITE (with Only Freeware ... and No Particular Skills)

We will see :

how to have access to the FORNTNITE’s database with Umodel

how find what we need : weapons, characters or emotes,

and how to export and use them in Blender.


Download and install “Umodel for Win32” :

Unzip it, and copy files in a new directory “UMODEL”, Run "umodel.exe" and point on the "\game directory" \FortniteGame\Content\Paks

Step 2:

Add the key for unlock the database :


This key will change regularly, and you can find the update here :

Step 3:

It will open two windows :


For the beginning, we will search via the console


select the biggest file “.uasset”

Double click on it or choose open.

In the new window, choose "4.21" It will open the viewer

Step 5:

Choose Export Current Object to save this mesh

it will create a new directory (UmodelExport) in the directory of UMODEL (you will find all exported files in this new directory).

Then press “O” (the shortcut to open a new model)

Step 6:

Select \Content\Characters\Players\Female\Medium\Heads\F_MED_Valor_01\Meshes\F_MED_IND\Valor\Head\01.uasset

… and export by CTRL+X

We have our first complete model.

We can close UMODEL viewer.

Step 7:

… but to improve the process we can, in the directory of UMODEL, left click on umodel.exe and make a shortcut.

On this new shortcut, left click again and choose properties :

in target enter

“path of umodel.exe” –path=”path of the paks directory in Fornite” –game=ue4.21 –aes= the good AES key

In my case

"E:\Logiciels\Umodel 2018-10-06\umodel.exe" -path="E:\JEUX\Fortnite\FortniteGame\Content\Paks" -game=ue4.21 -aes=0xD99660BBE70346E5BBEC944E0921051408B41CCB753F0CFA945A0F941C333E3B


Now just use the shortcut, it will open the console directly.

In the console you can also use the flat view and the filter for exemple “bus mesh”

Step 8:

Or weapon mesh ...

You can export what you want and you will find the file in “.psk” or “.pskx”

Step 9: EMOTES

But the more interesting is to find the animations of the emotes.

Open a second session of umodel

In the first one : open


Choose SkeletalMesh\Find animations … (or CTRL+A)

… it will take time to search all animations (and emotes) available for characters.

Step 10:

You can see in bottom left corner 1989 animations.

To see them press “[“ or “]” button to select an animation

and then press "space bar" to watch it.

In this windows pass one by one the animations to choose the good one : the name is in brackets (Constructor_Male_Body_Intro) in our case

Step 11:

In the second umodel viewer : use the flat view and the filter “Constructor_Male_Body_Intro”

And click export, the file will be in :



Download and install Blender :

Open it and choose \file\user preferences

Add-ons :

Import-export : Import Unreal Skeleton Mesh (.psk)/ Animation Set (.psa)

Import-export : STL format

Save user Settings

Step 13:

First one : the body

Second One : the Head

Step 14:

At this time it is a bit tricky !

on the up right corner : Select ,and then import .psa file, one time

Then select and import a second time the .psa file

In the timeline you can choose the “good picture” to export it in STL file to use it in your slicer.

Step 15:

It’done, just to print it !

Test it,

Improve it,

and enjoy.

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