Introduction: How to Program X-Plane11 Default 737 FMC

One day I was flying in the x-plane 11 default 737, and I wanted to know how to put waypoints in the FMC. I searched online, and the only tutorials I could find were for the Zibo 737. Eventually I figured out how to program the FMC so now I am making a tutorial for less experienced players.

In this scenario, I will be going from KSAC to KSFO and my waypoints will be ALWYS->CEDES->ARCHI. My cruising altitude will be 5000ft, I will be going at 250 knots and my callsign will be AAL1738.

Step 1: Flight Plan

Before you can program your FMC you need to have waypoints. I recommend SkyVector It is a free website you can use to find waypoints and flight routes.

Step 2: Press FPLN on the FMC

Step 3: Press CLR to Clear the Scratchpad

Step 4: Enter Your Origin Airport's ICAO Code on the Scratchpad

Step 5: Press the Button Next to the Boxes for the Origin Airport

Step 6: Enter Your Destination Airport's ICAO Code on the Scratchpad

Step 7: Press the Button Next to the Boxes for the Destination Airport

Step 8: Enter Your Flight Number in the Scratchpad

Step 9: Press the Button Next to the Spaces for FLT NO

If you do this correctly, the blue light above EXEC should light up, do not press EXEC yet. There is an option for CO ROUTE next to the FLT NO but ignore that. The CO ROUTE is for company routes.

Step 10: Enter Your First Waypoint in the Scratchpad

Step 11: Press the Button Next to the TO Designation

If you do this correctly then the space under VIA should automatically fill in with the word DIRECT.

Step 12: Press EXEC

After you press it, the blue light should go off.

Step 13: Press the LEGS Button

This should take you to a screen like the one above.

Step 14: Enter Your Second Waypoint in the Scratchpad

Step 15: Press the Button for the Empty Space Under Your Last Waypoint

If you do this correctly there will be an option to CANCEL MOD and EXEC will light up again.

Step 16: Press EXEC

Each time after modifying your legs, you will need to press EXEC.

Step 17: Repeat the Last Three Steps As Many Times As Needed, If Necessary Press NEXT PAGE to Add More Waypoints.

Step 18: If Something Like the Below Happens to You, Choose the Option That Matches Your Waypoint's Location.

Step 19: Press the Button DEP/ARR

It should take you to a page like the one above.

Step 20: Click on the DEP Option

Step 21: Choose Which Runway You Will Be Taking Off From

If necessary click on NEXT PAGE to get more runway options.

Step 22: Press EXEC

Step 23: Press the Button for DEP/ARR INDEX

This will take you back to the DEP/ARR page.

Step 24: Press the ARR Button for Your Destination Airport

Step 25: Choose Which Runway You Want to Land On

If necessary press NEXT PAGE to look at more options.

Step 26: Press EXEC

Step 27: Press the LEGS Button

There will be a space that has boxes and says DISCONTINUITY, that is fine.

Step 28: Go to the Next Page and Press on the Button That Is Right After DISCONTINUITY

If there is an option under DISCONTINUITY then press that. Doing this will make that option go into your scratchpad.

Step 29: Go Back to the DISCONTINUITY Page and Press the Button Next to It

This will replace the DISCONTINUITY with the waypoint.

Step 30: Press EXEC

Now your NAV flight plan is complete, but you still need to configure the climb cruise and descent.

Step 31: Press CLB

Step 32: Modify the SPD/ALT Limit to Your Suit.

Since my cruising altitude is 5000 I will leave the CLB page as it is.

Step 33: Press Either CRZ or NEXT PAGE They Both Go to the Same Page

Step 34: Modify This Page to Suit Your Needs

I am cruising at 5000ft and my target speed will be 250kts.

Step 35: Press DES or NEXT PAGE

Step 36: Modify This Page to Suit Your Needs

Step 37: Taxi and Takeoff

Step 38: Flip F/D From Off to On

Step 39: Press CMD

Step 40: Press LNAV

Step 41: Press VNAV

Step 42: Flip A/T From Off to ON

Step 43: Relax While the Plane Flies Itself.