Introduction: How to Program and Bootload ATtiny85 With USBasp

In this Instructable you will learn exactly how to bootload and program an ATtiny85 microchip in the simplest way I could figure out. This is my first Instructable so if you have any advice or tips on how to make better guides please feel free to comment at the end or even if you have any feedback from my article.

Step 1: Downloads and Materials

The first step to program your ATtiny85 is to download the necessary files to achieve this. Download the following items before you begin:

ATtiny85 Core:

The latest version of the Arduino IDE (Windows):

The latest version of the Arduino IDE (MacOS):

If you need help installing the Arduino IDE refer to this page:

The items I will be using are male-to-male wires, a ISP 10 pin-to-6 pin adapter and a ISP Programmer, a breadboard and of course, an ATtiny85.

Step 2: Using the ATtiny Core Files

First you need to extract the files from within the zip file. To do this you need to right click on the zipped file and click extract here. Then you need to transfer the file from your downloads or wherever you saved them to the hardware file which is in your Sketchbook folder (you can find or change the sketchbook location in Preferences, go to File > Prefrences > Sketchbook Loaction), if there isn't a hardware file you can make a new folder called 'hardware'.

Step 3: Connecting the Pins

Connect the pins from the programmer to their respective pins on the ATtiny85 using the pinout shown.

Step 4: Uploading Your Sketch

The final stage is to upload the sketch to the microchip. But first you have to bootload the microchip, firstly select the correct board (Tools > Board > Scroll Down > ATtiny45/85 (Optiboot)) then select the correct programmer (go to Tools > Programmer > USBasp), then go to Tools > Burn Bootloader and after a couple of seconds it should say Done Burning Bootloader. Once you have bootloaded the chip open the normal Blink example (go to File > Examples > Basics > Blink) and then change LED_BUILTIN to 3. Then select the ATtiny85 by going to Tools > Board > Scroll Down > ATtiny45/85 (Optiboot). After that select the programmer by going to Tools > Programmer > USBasp. Finally to upload the sketch by using CTRL+SHIFT+U or by going to Sketch > Upload using Programmer.

Step 5: Enjoy!

The final step is to just enjoy your now miniaturized Arduino. With this method you can upload any sketch to it and use it where a normal Arduino board would be to big to be used. If you enjoyed this Project or liked it don't forget to share a picture of your success and if you want to, heart it.