Introduction: How to Properly Use a Nebulizer

This instructable details the proper way to set up and use a nebulizer.  This is extremely important for patients that suffer from asthma as this is an effective way for rescue medication to be delivered during an asthma attack.  A rescue medication for a nebulizer is liquid based medicine that is delivered by the nebulizer in a mist form for the patient to inhale.

Please be advised to only use a nebulizer and rescue medications if you have been prescribed these items by your Primary Care Physician.

Please note that it is extremely important to use this medicine every four to six hours, as needed, to calm an asthma attack that has not been calmed by an inhaler with a medicine like albuterol.  The use of this medicine can increase the rate of a patient's heart which could lead to further medical issues and may lead to the patient being hospitalized or even in an Intensive Care Unit.  When using a nebulizer to deliver a rescue medication, please be advised to NOT allow the patient to take medicine from their controller inhaler.

Step 1: Step One: Attaching the Tube

1. Place the nebulizer on a solid, flat surface with the brand name facing you.

2. Plug the adapter into a socket.

3. Attach the blue end to the hollow tube to the medicine chamber.

4. Attach the green end of the hollow tube to little circle on the bottom left side of the nebulizer.

Step 2: Step Two: Preparing the Tube.

5.  Clean mouthpiece with warm water and a clean cloth.  Make sure to clean both the inside and outside of the mouthpiece.

6.  Attach blue breathing tube to the mouthpiece.  It does not matter which side the breathing tube is on.

Step 3: Step Three : Preparing the Medicine

7. Remove the breathing tube from the medicine chamber by turning the top of the medicine chamber counter-clockwise.

8. Break the tab on the medicine by twisting the top.

9. Pour the medicine into the circular medicine chamber.  Squeeze out every drop.

10. Reattach the breathing tube to the medicine chamber by turning the breathing tube clockwise.

Step 4: Step Four: Preparing the Patient

11.  Have the patient sit in an upright position.  A couch or chair is fine for this step.  Do not let the patient lay down.

12.  Make sure the mouthpiece is between the patient's teeth.

13.  Have the patient close their lips around the mouthpiece.  This ensures that the medicine is inhaled and does not escape from the mouth.

14.  Turn on the machine.  The on button is usually on the right side of the machine.

Step 5: Step Five: the Air Treatment

15.  Have the patient inhale through their mouth.

16.  The patient needs to hold the medicine in their mouth for THREE seconds.

17.  The patient exhales through their nose.

16.  Continue having the patient breath in this manner until the medicine is gone from the medicine chamber.  When the medicine is gone, there will be no more steam coming from the breathing tube end of the mouth piece.  This usually takes about 15 minutes.