Introduction: How to Put Light to Epilog Mini 18, 24 and Helix

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This is a tutorial to put light to Epilog Mini 18, 24 and Helix.

Step 1: Materials

The materials are:

  • Epilog Mini 18, 24 and Helix.
  • Tape two faces.
  • Circuit .
  • Led strips 17´´.
  • Battery.

Step 2: Connections

We proceed to make the connections to see if the circuits is fine.

*In case you cant make a circuit , you also can use arduino to program the strips , but i recomend to make a circuit.*

Step 3: Box

Now mount the box , if you dont have a box just use a box generator i will left the link below.

Step 4: Position

Now we put the circuit and the led strip were we want that they be.

I put the circuit just for demostration.

Step 5: Ready

Now is illuminated the Epilog.

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