Introduction: How to Put Lyrics on Instrumental Song Using Filmora Go/ How to Make a Karaoke Song

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hi guys i'm back!!!

i am so in love on kpop songs that i want it so badly to sing,

so in order to sing it, i need a lyrics , coz you know , its korean haha, i want to memorize it.

i want to share with you guys how to edit a video or how to make a karaoke ...

if you want to see my video edit samples check it here


compatible phone

filmora app

instrumental video


Step 1: Open Your Filmora App

the phone i am using to make this edit is huawei y9 prime,

if you don't have an app , you can download it free from google , here's the link

Step 2: Click Create Video Then Select an Instrumental Video File

if you already have a instrumental video, its easier

Step 3: Click the Add Icon Then Next

if you want to trim the video it's up to you

Step 4: Choose Subtitle

here it is !!!

make sure you know the song coz its always has a timing..

after you put all the lyrics and already have a designated timing, play it always.

make sure the effect of the text always in FADE.

Step 5: Add Some Effects

its about creativity haha,, mine is not :)

Step 6: Always Save Your Video

i always forget to save my video,, when sometimes forgot to charge my phone and when i turned it on, my file was GONE, so save save save!!

Step 7: Patience Is Virtue

you need to wait, the long the video is , the longer you wait hahahha

Step 8: Donee!!!!!!

it's up to you , if you want to upload it on social medias..or keep it to yourself

and here is my full video,,

hope you like it!!

a like and subscribe is much appreciated!!

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