How to Put Notes on a TI-84 Plus Calculator




Introduction: How to Put Notes on a TI-84 Plus Calculator

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Saving notes and formulas on your TI-84 Plus graphing calculator can be used to save time and remember formulas more reliably. It can also be used to give yourself an edge on exams such as the SAT, which allow students to use this method. In the following steps, you will learn how to easily write and store notes (text files) on any TI-84 Plus or TI-83 Plus graphing calculator.

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Step 1: Press PRGM

Press the prgm button on your graphing calculator.

Step 2: Create New

Press the right arrow key twice to slide over to NEW and then press enter.

Step 3: Create a Name

Type in a name for your notes file and press enter.

Step 4: Type Your Notes

Use this space to type all of your notes. You can type letters by pressing the Alpha button. Press 2nd then Alpha to lock onto Alpha mode..

Step 5: Exit the Editor Once Complete

Once you finish typing your notes, press 2nd then Quit (the Mode button) to exit the editor.

Step 6: View Your Notes

When you want to view your saved notes, press prgm then slide to edit, and select the program where you have written your notes.

Step 7: Helpful Links

How to delete note files:

How to send text files from your computer:

How to put games on your calculator:

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