How to Put Your Instructables E-Books on Your IPad




Introduction: How to Put Your Instructables E-Books on Your IPad

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We have been publishing a bunch of e-books recently, and to reduce the confusion of how to get these on to your iPad or other reading device, i've put together this short instructable.

We will first cover the iPad, then cover the Barnes and Noble nook and lastly cover how to use Calibre to put it on other devices.

If you are using a kindle check out this instructable:

Step 1: Install the IBook App on Your IPad

Before we get started, you need to install the free Apple iBooks app on the iPad. You can get this from the apple store.

Once it's downloaded and installed we can start putting books on the iPad

Step 2: Obtain the E-Book

First you need to obtain the e-book, you can do this by downloading it from our site. The file will be in an epub format.

Put the ebook somewhere you can get to easily, like the desktop or in a folder called "Instructables Ebooks"

Step 3: Update ITunes

You'll have to update to the newest version of iTunes to make ebooks work.

Once you have the newest version you can continue.

Step 4: Drag File to Your Library

Next, just drag the epub file to your library in itunes. Once that is done, you'll see a new menu item called "books".

You can also do this by going to: File > Add to Library and navigating to the ePub file. 

Step 5: Connect Your IPad and Sync Books

Next you want to connect your iPad and sync up your books. This will allow your itunes library of books to be the same as what's on your iPad.

if the iPad is synced with the computer, connect the iPad, go to the Books tab of the iPad (not books under the "Devices") and sync the appropriate EPUBs that will show up as Books

if the iPad is not synced with the computer, check the "Manually mange music and videos" checkbox in the iPad's Summary, and then drag the EPUBs from the iTunes, Library, Books section to the iPad.

Step 6: Finished!

After that your ebook should be uploaded to your iPad! You can check on the iTunes interface to see if its there!

Now you can take instructables anywhere with you, as long as you have your iPad.

Step 7: Ebooks on Your Nook

If you instead have a barnes and noble nook, you can still use the epub files on your nook.

After you obtain the epub file, just drag into into the root directory of the nook and then it should show up in "Files" on the nook.

Step 8: Using Calibre

Don't have an eReader? You can use the program calibre to view the epub files.

Just download the program "Calibre" from here:

Once downloaded, you can import epub files into your library and view them on your computer.

You can also use calibre to save the file to any number of ebook formats, including PDF.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    KBHASI was correct, use Safari and then the download button appears. I am on Windows 7 and used IE, when I switched to Safari on Windows then BINgo theres the download button. Web bug in a script perhaps?


    8 years ago on Introduction

    What am I missing exactly? Im a Pro member and I click on the 'Download the ebook' button and it just goes to a page showing Intro and Table of Contents, Device list with recommended software and format. I cant find one "ebook" thats actually downloadable. I can download individual Instructable PDFs though just fine.


    8 years ago on Step 2

    Why don't you search for ïnstructables on the ibooks store?


    9 years ago on Step 2

    Or you could just load up the site on the IPad safari and then press download the ebook


    9 years ago on Introduction

    i think my question is going to sound dumb but can i download instructables' ebooks on my iphone? I'm a new user so bare with me.. :)


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Excellent instructable, but to be totally honest you are going about this the wrong way.

    Become a pro member and make use of the download PDF option, upload PDFs into your favorite PDF viewing program on your iPad (personally, I'm a huge fan of Goodreader) and Ta-Dah! Instructables on the iPad.


    10 years ago on Step 2

    "by downloading it from our site"? Could you give some URLs please? - the only way I've found the files are by using the iBooks app on the iPad. (Or buying them from the B&N Nook store, which I'm not planning to do!)

    I'ld like to download them so I can convert them to Kindle format. (I know it's a tricky process to do well but I do typesetting for the Kindle professionally so I look on it only as a challenge rather than an impossibility :-) )