Introduction: How to Put a Rubik's Cube in a Bottle!

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The Rubik's Cube was invented in 1974, and it was a hit! People try to challenge themselves to solve it, but they cannot do it! However, the Rubik’s Cube is making a comeback, all the way from competitions to new puzzles that blow your mind! So, I decided to step up the Rubik’s Cube and put it in a bottle! Without any tricks or gimmicks!

Step 1: Get Some Supplies!

What you need:

A puzzle cube - I got mine at Toys R Us for $5.00

Towel - You will see why later



and a Bottle - Make sure that your cube can fit in it!

Step 2: Disassembling Your Cube

First things first, you have to disassemble the cube! You need to take off the center cap and unscrew the center piece and remove it. After you do that, take all of the pieces off the cube. Then, you will be left with the core.

Step 3: Prepare the Bottle

Once you have dissembled your cube, it’s time to get your bottle and your towel. You are going to put the towel in the bottle. Why do we need the towel? Well, we need the towel for a platform/surface in the bottle. (A towel is perfect because you can put it in the bottle and take it out when the cube is built inside the bottle.) I decided to cut my towel into little strips and stick them in the bottle. I used the screwdriver to help pat it down. When you use your last strip of cloth, I recommend folding it so you have a flat surface.

Step 4: Putting the Core in the Bottle!

The cube will be built in the bottle, so that means you will start with the core! Unfortunately, the core cannot fit into the bottle! So what do you do? The core has to be taken apart! Kind of like earlier, you have to unscrew the middle pieces off again until the core fits.

Step 5: Building You Cube!

Place the core inside the bottle, and you are ready to build the cube! I decided to put a couple of pieces on the core before putting it in the bottle. After that, I put the pieces on the cube one by one! When you have three pieces on the cube, screw on the middle piece. Then, put the the edge pieces on. Repeat the process until you are at the last layer. Remember, this takes some time, so do not get aggravated! :)

TIP - If your Rubik's cube pieces are falling to the side of the bottle, use your pliers to get them out.

Step 6: Finishing Off You Cube!

All you have to do now is to build the last layer! Just put all the pieces on the cube. (Make sure that the pieces match the colors.) When you are finished, screw on the center piece, and put all the center caps on the cube. You will want to tighten the other center pieces to make sure it is sturdy.

Step 7: Take the Towel Out an You Are Done!

Time to do the final step!!! All you have to do is take the towel pieces out of the bottle! Use your pliers, so you can get a good grip on the pieces. Then, gently pull them out, and you are done!

Step 8: Something Else...

If your cube is not straight (like mine), that can be fixed by pushing two edges of the cube with sticks or a couple of screwdrivers. Ta-da! It is now straight!

Step 9: Step It Up!

It is now your turn to step it up! It is your job to create new ways to put different puzzle cubes in a bottle. I stepped it up by putting two cubes in my bottle! What will you do? Good luck! :)

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