Introduction: How to Put on a Duvet Cover (The EASY Way!)

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In this Instructable I will show you the easy way to put on a duvet cover.

I used to lie on the bed wrestling the duvet cover and duvet. It was a pain and when I was finished I needed to lie down(!)

Then I found out about this way of doing it and I have never looked back... I hope this Instructable changes your life for the better too. :-) Let's get to it!

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Step 1: Turn the Duvet Cover Inside-out.

First, lay the duvet out in front of you at the head of the bed.

Next, turn the duvet cover inside out completely then lay it on the foot of the bed.

Now reach inside the opening of the duvet cover and grab inside the two top corners. (These will eventually be the two corners at the head of the bed.)

Step 2: Put Your Arms Inside the Duvet Cover.

Get the cover onto your arms by simply raising your hands in the air.

At this point you can put your head inside and pretend to be a ghost, but this is entirely optional. My 24-month-old daughter Emma lets out a very cute little scream in the video in the last step!

Step 3: Grab the Two Top Corners of the Duvet.

Now grab the two top corners of the duvet cover and prepare to impress any passers by who might happen to see what's coming next...

Step 4: Use the 'magic Whip' Move to Get the Duvet Inside the Cover.

This is really easy to do, but not so easy to explain. Think of pulling a tablecloth out from under some plates. It's kind of the same thing, but you are pulling the duvet inside the cover in one sharp movement.

If it doesn't go all the way, just wave things around in a kid of whipping motion and the duvet will disappear perfectly into the cover!

Step 5: Hold the Duvet and Cover Up High.

Hold the duvet and cover up high and wiggle them around to let the very bottom of the duvet to fall into place.

We're almost done!

Step 6: The Final Tidying!

Reach into the bottom of the duvet cover (through the opening) and place the lower corners of the duvet precisely into the lower corners of the cover. Close the cover and do your final tidying.

That's it!

Step 7: Watch the Video to See Exactly How This Works.

Watch the 90-second video above to see how this works in real life.

I personally believe that this is the best way to put a duvet inside a cover. I have seen the 'burrito' rolling method, but in my mind this technique is much simpler and quicker.

Try my method out for yourself and let me know what you think!