Introduction: How to Quickly Peel a Perfect Hard Boiled Egg

Alright chances are you've been stuck in the kitchen peeling the hard boiled egg. Only to quickly become frustrated because your nail make a dent in the egg white or even better the skin of the egg peeled off the egg skin leaving you the hardened I right?!?

Have no fear I've got a game changing hack that will save you time in the kitchen, save you money from tossing out ugly hard boiled eggs and will have a delicious Classic Hard Boiled Egg Recipe for you after the video.

Let's get started!

So you've placed eggs in a large pan and boiled for about 20 minutes, right? Alright, now let's drain that hot water and cool them down by placing cold water back into the pan until it's overflowing in the sink. Let the egg set for about 3-5 minutes for a nice chill down.

Remove the egg and place into a glass or even a mason jar. Cover with your hard or a lid and shake for about 20 seconds or so. Grab a piece of the shell and peel the shell off. Perfection! You've got a perfected hard boiled egg that you can now slice in half and make your very own Classic Hard Boiled Egg Recipe.

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