Introduction: How to Quit Smoking Right Now

Quitting smoking can be hard - but it's the right choice, really. If you've been putting it off for a while - stop. Quit right now. We're going to look at some tops steps to help you quit smoking immediately.

Step 1: Throw Out All Your Cigarettes

This is the first step, and its gotta be done. Throw away anything related to smoking to try and ease the temptation.

Step 2: Enlist Your Friends and Family

You're gonna want to avoid smoking opportunities as much as possible - so make sure your close friends and family know wht you're trying to do so that they wont smoke around you.

Step 3: Avoid Temptation

If there are places that you associate with smoking - don't go to them. At least to start with.

Step 4: Get Help If You Need It

Patches or e-cigarettes can help ease your addiction and give your body a fix of nicotine without many of the harmful chemicals that are in tobacco. Use them if you want to, or stay cold turkey. Sometimes just a talk with someone who's done it before could help.

You might think that e-cigs are just simple gadgets - but there are tons of exciting high tech models like the Ascent vaporizer.

Step 5: Get a Hobby

Take up skydiving to take your mind off things. If that's too extreme, try knitting. Or something in-between.

Step 6: Enjoy Being Smoke-free!

Once you've got past the first few weeks, things should get easier. Eventually you'll wonder why you ever smoked in the first place. Start enjoying your smoke-free life.