Introduction: How to Raise the Handle Bars on Your Bike

So your riding along and after a bit, your back and neck really start aching. You start wondering what's wrong on your bike, well guess what's your problem? It's that your handle bars are just too low.

In this inscrutable i'll fix just that. So you can be on your way in no time with no aches or pains!

Note: Not all handle can be raised, some manufactures weld them so they won't move, it does prevent wheel wobble but so does just doing it properly.

Step 1: Tools You'll Need

I'm trying to make this as easy as possible, so you only need 2 tools for this project. There are special bike wrenches you can buy but not everyone has those kicking around so these tools will do just the same.

-Adjustable wrench (or any wrench big enough)
-Allen key

Step 2: Removing the Stem Bolt

First, your going to take that Allen key and loosen the stem bolt enough to take right out.

Tip: Make sure your Allen key is the correct size because you could strip the hole very easily.

Step 3: Loosen Top Nut

There will be two nuts to loosen, loosen the top one first.

Step 4: Loosen the Second Nut

The title say it all, just loosen it up to the first one.

Step 5: PUULL!

Hold onto the tire with your feel and legs and pull upward on the handle bars. Sometimes it might take a bit of wrenching on the handlebars, you can use a bit of WD-40 but not to much, otherwise you'll have to re-grease your bearings.

Step 6: Tighten

Tighten everything back good and tight, you don't want it coming apart while you ride!

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