Introduction: How to Ranger Roll a T-Shirt

In this tutorial we are going to teach you how to ranger roll a t-shirt!

Step 1: Lay T-Shirt on Flat Surface, Front Side Up

Step 2: Fold Bottom of Shirt Upward to Create a 3'' Cuff

Step 3: Fold Shirt Horizontally in Half to Check Back of Cuff, Then Undo Fold

Step 4: Fold Left Side Over Shirt 1/3 of the Way

Step 5: Fold Left Sleeve Over Itself

Step 6: Fold Right Side of Shirt Over Left Fold

Step 7: Bring Right Sleeve Over Itself

Step 8: Rotate Shirt 180°

Step 9: Tightly Roll Shirt Until Over Cuff

Step 10: Fold Cuff Inside-Out Over Shirt

Step 11: Done! Video of Full Process Below