Introduction: How to Re-Polish a Brass Candle Stand

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This is a friends piece he got from his mum so I was so happy to breath some new life into it.

Step 1:

Disassemble the whole thing and use scrapper/spatula/knife to remove wax and other scrap

Step 2: Getting Started

First I took apart the whole thing to its 3 individual pieces.

This helps a lot in handling and basically scrubbing.

What you will need for this project is:

-Stainless steel scrubber

-Scouring powder (mostly just ordinary all-purpose cleaner will do)

-Container to wash-in.

-Brass polisher.

-Cotton cloth.

-Tissue paper.


Step 3: Scrubbing

After some hard scrubbing this is how it looks.

Took lots of effort around those edges but finally I made it,

Make sure you dry it completely with a cloth before you begin polishing.

Step 4: Polishing

Just one bottletop of polish is enough for the whole project.

I'm sorry I don't have detailed images, I thought of doing the instructable after i'd already completed the project.

Use one of the corners of your cloth and basically just dip it in the polish, scrub the s*!t out of that metal.

Keep doing this till you achieve a shinny almost mirror-like surface.

Once your done use some tissue paper for the final polish.

DONE!! Good as new