Introduction: How to Regrow Garlic

Growing garlic is fun and easy to do. Your only one stop at the grocery store away from owning your very own garlic garden. You don't need much to get started


Gardening Tools

Garlic Bulbs

Organic Compost


Step 1: Buy Garlic From Your Local Grocery Store

When buying the garlic make sure you purchase garlic bulbs that still have the skin around it.

Step 2: Test the Garlic to Make Sure It Is Not Chemically Treated

Some garlic producers chemically treat their garlic to prevent sprouting. If you are unsure if your garlic has been covered in these chemicals, leave it in your refrigerator for two weeks. If the garlic begins to show signs of sprouting then it should be fine to plant.

Step 3: Prepare an Area for Planting

An area of 12"x12" should be enough for plenty of garlic to sprout. Be sure the area gets about 6 hours of direct sunlight a day and will not get water logged in winter. Garlic does not grow well in wet soil conditions, so make sure water won't pool up where you plant them otherwise they will rot.

Step 4: Determine the Ideal Time for Planting

Garlic is very sturdy and it needs cold temperatures in order to sprout and mature. Silverskin garlic grows best in the winter, however, if you are using Creole Reds they are better suited to grow during the spring. Here's one website that can help you determine your date.

Step 5: Prepare the Garlic for Planting

Remove the outer skin from the garlic and separate it into individual cloves. Make sure to leave the skin that's around the cloves when you separate them.

Step 6: Work the Soil in the Ground 10 Inches Deep

Dig into the soil about 10" then add a a layer of organic compost. Organic compost is decomposed organic matter such as leaves and vegetable scraps. If the area you're planting in has water build-up problems mix in some sand with the compost.

Step 7: Place the Cloves in the Ground Tip Up

After adding the compost, place the garlic about 2" into the ground tip up.

Step 8: Separate the Garlic 4 to 6 Inches Apart

Make sure not to plant the garlic too close to each other. 4 to 6 inches will give the garlic enough room to grow.

Step 9: Fertilize and Water Your Garden

Apply fertilizer every two weeks and water the plants regularly so that the soil is moist but not soggy. After nine weeks start to decrease the amount of water for your garlic. After three months have passed decrease the amount of water for your garlic again.

Step 10: Harvesting Your Garlic

When the green tops of your sprout dry out and turn yellow-brown it is time to harvest, this is typically three to four months after being planted. Remember that it's better to harvest when the bulbs of the garlic are smaller, otherwise they may split and begin to sour if you wait too long.