Introduction: Aldi Coffee Pods - How to Re-use Then With Your Own Ground Coffee.

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How to re-use and re-pack Aldi coffee pods with your own ground coffee and save on buying new ones.

Other brand of pod systems have ready made re-usable pods. The Aldi machine does not.

That's because the 3 piercing pins cannot line up with any pre-made system.

So, by using aluminium foil, it doesn't matter where they puncture the pod to let in

hot, pressurised water.

Step 1: Preparing Coffee Pod Container.

Cut and remove plastic top from coffee pod.

Empty coffee grounds and rinse container.

Press and squeeze out any water in the paper filter at base of pod.

Let stand for a while until they dry out.

Step 2: Add Your Ground Coffee Into Pod

Add and pack in your favourite ground coffee into the pod.

Tap down the coffee and fill it to the top.

I use the bottom of my coffee spoon to create an even level.

Step 3: Seal Up Coffee Pod

Tear a small piece of aluminium foil into a square and

place over the top and wrap the foil tightly over the lip.

I chose to add a thin rubber band for the very first test run.

Just my own precaution, but it's not needed.

Clear any excess foil that may overhang.

Step 4: Make You Coffee.

Place the pod in the Aldi machine and make your coffee.

The 3 internal pins will pierce the foil with the closing action.

Press and make a coffee. Enjoy.

Step 5: Cleaning Up.

Press the cleaning button to remove any possible residue coffee.

If the foil seal is good, there will never be any residue.

Suggestion: with a few empty and dry pods, make a batch

of your own pods so they are ready to go next time. Making

a new pod one at a time is no fun and defeats the purpose of a

pod style machine, where you just drop in a pod and make a coffee.