How to Reach Arena 7 in Clash Royale

Introduction: How to Reach Arena 7 in Clash Royale

With deck you can push far into arena 7 (2300 trophies for me). In order to be successful, you must use it efficiently and effectively.

Step 1: The Deck

The deck consists of the following troops:

Wizard (rare)
Bomb Tower (rare)
Barbarians (common)
Minion Horde (common)
Hog Rider (rare)
Freeze Spell (epic)
Arrows (common)
Elixir Pump (rare)

Average elixir cost is 4.5

Step 2: Strategy

A good deck is nothing without a good strategy behind it. This deck focuses on taking your time and striking when you have the strong elixir advantage and defenses available. The idea is to play defensively until you have an opportunity to place the hog with backup, usually the wizard, and then freeze.

Step 3: Bomb Tower

Bomb tower is one of the most all around best defensive cards in the game, as it has splash damage, high health, and provides a good distraction from the towers. It's biggest issue is its slow loading time, so place it before the enemies arrive. It is always the first card that should be played at the beginning of the game, and always kept up after. However, wait to place it until either you have 10 elixir or a push is coming, because it will begin to lose health. Bomb tower's most important use is distraction, and with backup it can counter all freeze combos

Step 4: Elixir Pump

The elixir pump should be played only when you are confident that you can still counter an opponent's rush. It is most helpful when you have 10 elixir but are waiting for a strike, as it acts as a bank, allowing you to hold up to 17 total elixir (it generates two profit). It can also be played at the beginning, but use caution. It takes a while to generate full profit, so keep it defended behind the towers and don't use it in the last 30 seconds

Step 5: Barbarians

The barbarians are primarily a defensive troop, used to counter knight, hogs, golems, and other tanks. Be cautious when placing them as the opponent might have a freeze spell, so use them before the enemy reaches the bomb tower. Do not use them to stop large crowds, the bomb tower will handle it.

Step 6: Hog-Wizard-Freeze

This is the most important combo in the deck, which will take out a tower of used correctly. 90% of towers destroyed will be through this. When the enemy sends a group of Ariel troops, such as minions, or when the bomb tower is overwhelmed, use the wizard to counter. Once it has cleared all enemies, wit for it to almost reach the bridge and put hog in front. Allow the hog to get are owed a few times to bait out any troops, then freeze. The wizard will kill any troops caught and then both will team up on the tower.

Step 7: Arrows

Arrows are a key troop in protecting the tower. They counter goblin barrel, princess, skeleton army, minions, or deal damage to a large area. Use them primary to protect the bomb tower from aerial troops. By protecting the bomb tower, you protect all others. Be careful not to use arrows when a wizard is available, as it will combo into an attack

Step 8: Minion Horde

Minion horde provides a quick counter to any hard push by heavy troops. It must be used defensively behind your own line, because arrows will kill them all, giving the opponent am elixir advantage. They deal one of the highest dps of any troop in the game, and should the opponent use up their arrows or fireball they can be used to devastate his tower. They can also be used as an even trade with opponent's minions.

Step 9: Notes

This deck brought me from 1500 to 2300 trophies, in an 19 game win streak. It can be successful with practice and patience. DO NOT try to use this deck offensively as you will be countered and crushed. Good luck, and clash on!

Jack Allred
Clan Leader: PESH squad

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    6 years ago

    Nice deck collection. I like to use fireball instead of bomb tower though.