Introduction: How to Read a Micrometer.

Hello, my name is Damian Paul. I am

a second-year student at the Lake Area Technical Institute in the precision machining program. I have been running CNC machines for over 2 years before attending Lake Area Technical Institute. Today, I am going to show you how to read a micrometer. In my 4 years of machining having a micrometer on me has always saved my part that I am making in the CNC mill or lathe.


Micrometer 0"-1"

Step 1: Holding the Micrometer.

Holding the micrometer is a very important step. Some people may think that it does not really matter how it is held. Technically, it really does not. However, in the end, it just makes it easier if it is held correctly. For starters, pick up the micrometer. Put the right-hand pinky through the big opening on the mic so the palm is facing towards you and you are pointing at yourself with your pinky. Now using your right-hand index finger and your thumb, you can move the thimble or the spinning grip at the end of the mic.

Step 2: How to Read the Micrometer.

The next step is reading the micrometer. Each line on the micrometer itself is twenty-five thousandths of an inch (.025). Each line on the thimble or the spinning grip is one-thousandth of an inch (.001). For usual operations, those two would be enough. However, for precise measuring, those two and the numbers on the top of the mic will be used. On top of the micrometer, there will be lines with small numbers ranging from zero to ten. Those numbers are each one-ten thousandths of an inch (.0001).

Step 3: