Introduction: How to Recicle an Old Cradle and Transform Into a Kid´s Sofa, Mickey Mouse Stool and Candle Holder

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Since my three daughters are already grown, I have decided to recycle the cradle they used, turning it into other items that could still be used and enjoyed by them and all family. As such, I have made a kid´s sofa, a Mickey Mouse stool and a candle holder.

Here are the pictures and a brief explanation of the steps involved. Should anyone require additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

I hope you enjoy it, as much as I did.



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Step 1: Making the Kid´s Sofa

I have dismantled all the pieces and clamped both ends.

After that, made the cutting line, with a pencil.

With a jig saw, made the cut on both ends at the same time

Sanded once finished cutting

Applied the vinyl band on the ends I just cut

Assembled all the pieces and voilà, it was ready to be used...

Step 2: Making the Mickey Mouse Stool (using the Leftover Cuts From the Side of the Cradle)

Using the leftover cuts (from the sofa), I have made a hand drawing of Mickey Mouse, using a pencil

After that, I have used a permanent marker, to highlight the drawing

Using clamps, I than secured the piece onto a bench and made the cuts with a jigsaw

Made the cuts of the legs, which I than took to the router table, to round the corners

Installed the legs using a Kreg Jig 4

After that, I used masking tape to isolate (with the help of my daughter) the areas not to be painted

Spray painted the top in black

Removed the tape

Applied wood filling to the screw holes made in the legs

Painted the legs in red and it was ready.

Step 3: Making the Candle Holders (using the Cradle Fence)

Initially made the cuts of two pieces with the same length using a mitre saw, for 3 candles

Calculated the exact places where to place the holes, before I have drilled

On the drill press, I have done the candle holes (please note that my daughter didn't drill it and it was only for the picture, because this project was her idea)

Glued the two pieces, being that the drilled one stayed on top

Painted the piece

Finally inserted the candles

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