Introduction: How to Record Sound Playing on Computer Along With Microphone Audio

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Hi Guys,

Sometimes we need to record both sound playing on computer along with what we speak on microphone. For example, you may want to combine your voice with music playing on computer. I will show you how to record a song playing on your computer with a microphone. Before starting please note that the steps explained in this instructables works only on Windows 7 and other versions of Windows higher than that. You also need DotNet 4.5 or above installed on your computer. So, let’s kick start.

Step 1: Getting RexNDox Apps Sound Recorder With Player

To record sound from both the PC and the microphone, we are going to use RexNDox Apps Sound Recorder with Player and you can download this software from the Download link given below. The button for download is situated midway down the web page.

Download link:

The software mentioned above is available in demo and paid versions. The demo version is only able to record sound for 3 minutes whereas, the paid version can be used for unlimited recording as long as your computer’s memory doesn’t run out and costs you $5.99. For installation, double-click the downloaded installer and click Run.

Step 2: Getting Everything Ready

Getting the Application Ready

Double-click on the quick launch icon or desktop icon to launch the application. The window as shown in the image appears on your screen. Remember that if you are using the trial version of the application, you will be able to record only 3 minutes of the audio. Once you buy the full version you will be able to record without any restrictions.

Getting the Song and Media Player Ready

Select the desired song on a media player to play the song. You can also play the music or song from Youtube or other online media. You can choose any audio/song as the application works for all types of audio as long as the media can be played on your computer.

Getting the Microphone Ready

Another requirement is a working microphone with an input jack compatible with the corresponding port on your PC. If any software is required to run the microphone, then install it. You can skip this process if you have an inbuilt microphone which is the case in most of the laptops. Be sure to set the microphone within proper range so that the sound you want to record from microphone reaches the microphone without any obstruction

Step 3: Setting the Recording Options on Your Computer

Most of the time microphone is set as the Recording option in your computer. To ensure that this is the case, follow the below steps and use the image as reference.

  1. Click on the microphone icon on computer tray
  2. Click on the System Sounds icon
  3. A small popup will open. Click on the Recording option.
  4. If there is no green checkmark near your microphone, just right click on your microphone icon, click Enable in the right click options. Once you have enabled it, once again right click and select Set as Default Device.

Now we are all set to record the audio.

Step 4: Setting Up the Application

Before starting the recording, select Record From Both at the top-right corner of the application’s window to allow the application to record sound from both the PC and the microphone. Please see the image for reference.

Step 5: Recording With the Application

Now that you are all set to start the recording, below are the steps to record the song playing on your computer as well as microphone using the application:

    1. You can automatically start the recording at a particular time of a day using the Scheduler of the application. For the scheduler to work, the application should be open at the scheduled time. Click on the scheduler, put checkmark in the Start Time and select a scheduled time in the Dropdown. Enter the recording duration in respective boxes using the dropdowns and select Record from Both option and click Save.
    2. You can start playing the audio and sing or talk in the microphone.To start the recording, single-click the start recording button located at the top-left corner of the application’s window. You can also do this by pressing F8 key on the keyboard.
    3. If you have to pause the recording, click on the pause/resume button located just to the right of the recording button. You can resume the recording by clicking on the same button. You can also do the same by pressing the F9 key on the keyboard.
    4. The Progress Time at the bottom shows the length of the current recording.
    5. To stop the recording, click on the stop button or press F10.

    Step 6: Playing the Recorded Audio

    Once you stop the recording, you can play the audio using the inbuilt audio player.

    1. The recorded file appears in the FileName column.
    2. You can select the file by single clicking and then click the play button located on the right side of the application’s window. If you double click on the file name, you will go to rename mode. To get back to normal mode, just press Escape key.
    3. If you want to stop the audio, click on the stop button below the play button.
    4. The progress time displays the current playback time.

    Step 7: Saving the Audio

    If you are satisfied with the recording, you can save it to .mp3 or .wav format. mp3 format is generally of smaller size.

    1. You can also view all the recorded audios by clicking on the folder icon.
    2. To save a file at at a different location, select that file and then click the Save button located above the Play button.
    3. In the Save As box, browse to the desired location and select the Save as type (mp3 or wav).
    4. Type the file name in the File name box
    5. Click Save.

    Step 8: Deleting an Audio

    Dissatisfied with the recording? You can quickly delete it by selecting the file name and clicking on the recycle bin icon. You can also access all the recorded files anytime from the application using the Open Recordings Folder. This will open the folder where the recordings have been saved..

    Step 9: Full Version

    The trial version has the restriction of recording only 3 minutes of the audio. You can buy the full version at any time for $5.99 by clicking on the buy icon or going to this page. Please buy the full version only when you are completely satisfied with the trial version. Once you have bought the full version and got the license details, you can just click on the Activate button, enter the license details, and click Submit to activate the full version.

    So, that’s all for today guys. If you found this instructables useful, please don't forget to share. Comments and queries are always welcome.