Introduction: How to Recycle Foam Into Insulation

The Ultimate Trash To Treasure Project. We all throw away lots of foam packing material, because it can't be recycled.... until now! Build this simple foam grinder with a few $2 saw blades and turn all your and all your neighbor's packing foam into free insulation. Be Green and Save Green.

The video shows how to build and use the grinder, but in a nutshell, you attach 4 saw blades to a spinning drill-powered rod, and chew scrap packing foam into small bits that easily conform to any space and provide great insulation. Tell your friends and neighbors. They will gladly give your their foam.

Step 1: Collect Foam From Yourself, Friends and Neighbors

They will be glad to give you their packing foam, because they feel bad that they can't recycle it.

Step 2: Buy Parts

Buy 4 saw blades, a threaded rod, 4 nuts, 2 washers, chicken wire, pex tubing, and a bathroom vent fan.

Step 3: Wire Blades on Rod

Wire the 4 saw blades on the rod, leaned back and forth, with all the teeth pointing the same way

Step 4: Build a Grinder Box

Build a box that fits around the saw blade rod and drill axle holes on each end and mount the rod

Step 5: Build a Catch Box

Build a catch box with a vent fan mounted on one side to suck out the ground foam, and chicken wire to filter out large chunks.

Step 6: Put It All Together

Put the grinder box on top of the catch box and chuck a drill on the rod and connect a flex pipe to the vent fan.

Step 7: Grind and Blow

Turn on the drill and vent fan. Feed in foam scraps and blow the ground foam into the wall cavity you are insulating.

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