How to Reduce Lag in Any Game!

Introduction: How to Reduce Lag in Any Game!

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Over time I may add more tweaks and improvements, as I find them. So visit back once in while for updates! :)

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Step 1: Videos!

Watch both of the videos above and follow them.

Do not reboot after the first video, since we're doing the tweaks all at once. (This will save time.)

After finishing the steps in the second video, you may reboot your computer. (You should reboot to complete the changes.)

Step 2: Fixing the Ever So Slow Windows Search.

The search function in Windows is very slow. Disabling "Superfetch" makes it even slower, but increases performance.

This is how to get a super fast search tool for your PC.

Download "Everything" for your PC at

x86 if you're on a 32 bit system. x64 if you're on a 64 bit system.

Portable zips don't have to be installed (usable on a flash drive like at a school computer), while .exe installers do (takes admin rights).

If you're installing it, I recommend unchecking the "start up with windows" box. This will prevent it from starting up everytime you log in, which will result in faster startups. Just run it when you need it!

Also for faster access to the tool you may use start menu shortcuts, desktop shortcuts, and task bar quick launch shortcuts.

Putting everything on your PC doesn't always have to slow it down does it? LOL

Step 3: Adding a Cool Windows Classic Theme.. the Fast Way!

Download my theme from

Just double click to install! (Doesn't need admin rights.)

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