How to Refashion Bridal Shoes (Flower Petals & Pyramid Trims)

Introduction: How to Refashion Bridal Shoes (Flower Petals & Pyramid Trims)

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This is a fun and creative tutorial on how to refashion plain shoes with flower petals & pyramid trims. 

This is Part 2 of the $50.00 Wedding Gown Challenge
Price -- Item (Shop)

$7.79 -- Shoes (Kohl's -- additional 25%discount & additional 20% Friends & Family Discount)

Free  -- Flower Petals  (left over from Floral Birdcage Headband Tutorial)

$0.97 -- Gold Ribbon (Walmart)

$3.77 -- Rust-Oleum Gold Metallic Paint (Walmart)

$2.75 --  1/2yard Gold Pyramid Chain (Joann's, 50% off phone app coupon)

Total $15.28

Greetings and thank you for visiting! I am currently working on a $50.00 Simple Wedding Gown Challenge. My goal is to stay at or under $50.00 (before taxes) and assuming people have the basic supplies -- scissor, sewing machine, thread/needle, glue gun/glue sticks, iron, and a measuring tape. However, my true goal is to inspire you to get creative. Below is the tentative budget breakdown:

$10.00 Hair Adornment/Jewelry

$15.00 Shoes

$25.00 Dress (not including undergarments:)
Went over $0.28 on the shoes but I'm definitely okay with that, I'll just take it from the jewelry budget or the dress budget:)  Also, if you would like for the embellishments to stay on longer, I would recommend a stronger adhesive like E6000. 

The budget breakdown may change but the goal is to stay at or under $50.00 for the Wedding Attire.

Thank you for watching!

Part 1: How to make the {TANYA} Gold Floral Birdcage Headband

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