How to Refresh Your Climbing Shoes.




Introduction: How to Refresh Your Climbing Shoes.

This is just a quick tip to get better performance from your climbing shoes. Over time if you aren't using climbing shoes the rubber will start to oxidize and it makes the shoe less grippy. Here's how to fix it the picture above show my shoes that had started to oxidize they weren't that bad but I had a climbing trip coming up and I wanted to bring them along.

Here's what you'll need:

Climbing shoes that are oxidized.

A wire brush

And a wet paper towel or cloth but that's optional.

Step 1: Brush Off the Oxidation.

Grab your shoes and first check them over quickly for any cracks or tears in the rubber that the brush could catch and make worse. While you do that wipe the soles off on your shirt just to get rid of any loose stuff. Then just take the brush and give the shoe a good work over. When you're satisfied just wipe it one more time with you're shirt to make sure you got everything.

You won't need to go crazy because you don't want to take off any good rubber. Use firm strokes but not too much pressure. If there are any cracks or tears in the rubber be careful about those spots so you don't make them worse.

Step 2: Wipe Them Off.

This is optional but I recommend it take a damp (not too wet) cloth or paper towel. I used a paper towel this time but a cloth works better. And just wipe them down quick to get any left over dust off.

Step 3: Done!

That's all there is to it. The picture I took doesn't show the difference but you'll see it when you give it a try yourself. Enjoy the improvement on your old shoes!

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    thanks! It does wonders for a shoe that's been sitting around a while. I do this on any suspend shoe I buy as well. Also don't forget to vote for me in the squeeze more out of summer contest!