Introduction: Pier 9 Guide: How to Register Omax Waterjet Jobs to the Same Origin

This Instructable is for Workshop Users at Pier 9.
Requirements for using this machine at Pier 9:

  • Take General Workshop Safety Class
  • Take Waterjet Basic Safety and Use class

This Instructable will walk you through setting up multiple Omax Waterjet Jobs with the same origin

The Problem: Omax Layout's auto-path gets totally confused with multiple Cut lines and Etch lines meeting at a point.

The Solution: Separate your job into two files, etching and cutting, and assign the same origin to both files.

Example: In this instructable I will be using the part from the pictures above. In the Omax Layout screen-shot, the grey lines are etch lines and the purple lines are cut lines. I am going to break those two parts of my job up and manually set each origin to the same point.

Step 1: Save Seperate Dxf's in Omax Layout

  1. Use Select tool to select all of the lines of the first job. In this case I am selecting all the etch lines. Selected lines appear yellow
  2. Click File > Save Selected Entities
  3. Save the file as a descriptive name like "job1" or "etches"
  4. Clear the selection using Deselect > All
  5. Repeat steps 1-3 but for the lines of the second job. I named this second files "cuts"

Step 2: Create Lead-Ins and Lead-Outs

  1. Open one of the newly saved files. In this case I am doing the "etches" file
  2. use Lead I/O > AutoPath (advanced and configure) to add lead-ins and lead-outs

Step 3: Replace First Traverse Line

  1. Use the Select tool to select the first green line (traverse or heads-up traverse). Note where the line connects to the rest of the job. Lets call that point P.
  2. Delete the line.
  3. Call up the Line tool (pres "L")
  4. Press "E" for end-snap, start the new line at point P.
  5. Snap the start of the new line to the origin of the drawing, using "Z"
  6. Run the Path command to save out the toolpath file (.ORD file)

Step 4: Repeat Steps 2 and 3 for the Other Saved Job

Now both jobs have a start line that begins at the origin. Because the two files were saved out from the original base file, they lines are perfectly registered to one-another.

Step 5: Run Jobs

  1. Run the first job..
  2. Move the waterjet back to the path-start
  3. Run the second job.