Introduction: How to Remake a Clock

This is how I remade a dull, shelf alarm clock, and made it into an interesting mantle clock.


- A small, quartz clock (quartz meaning = electric)


- Screwdriver

- Hot glue (gun and sticks)

- Carvey (mini CNC machine)

Step 1: Find a Clock

Find a clock in your house. A clock that is preferably small and expendable.

Step 2: Deconstruction

Deconstruct the clock until you only have the main clock functions intact. (as seen in the picture)

Step 3: Digital Fabrication

Design the product on a CAD program. (such as Tinkercad)

(The design can be anything. I changed my design many times.)

Step 4: Carve the Parts

Carve the MDF into parts for building the housing for the clock.

Step 5: Construct Final Piece

Construct your product using the materials you carved and the hot glue.