How to Remember Each IP

Introduction: How to Remember Each IP

If you ever were interested in a networking project - you know how messy your local network can be. With a lot of devices connected to the same router, dynamic DHCP settings - it can be a real challenge to figure out what is what.

Not any more!

Here is how to organise your network in 3 simple steps:

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Step 1: Assign IP Ranges

You can be creative with this!

Log in to your router and look for DHCP reservation settings. To add a device - some routers will require the device to be offline.

  • Desktop 192.168.0. (1-9)
  • Laptop 192.168.0. (10-19)
  • Mobile 192.168.0. (20-29)
  • Tablet 192.168.0. (30-39) etc..

Last range will represent slots available to be taken, if you are planning on having more than 10 people on the network you may want to be little more creative:)

Step 2: Assign Personal ID

Let’s say you have 3 people living in one household, each of them has few devices:

  • Person A ID: 01
  • Person B ID: 02
  • Person C ID: 03

If you have more people you probably know what to do. If number of people on the network is greater than 10 - swap this step with the previous one!

Step 3: Use the Simple Formula of Creating Unique IP

For each device made an reservation based on formula:

192.168.0.(device type)+(personal ID)

So a laptop that belongs to person B will have:

192.168.0.(10-19)+(2) =

Step 4: And If You Have More Than One Laptop and You Are Trying to Be a Smartpants

Assign personal IDs to accommodate for multiple devices and list them in accordance to how important they are (to you):

Person B: IDs 02,03

Person C: IDs 04

192.168.0.(10-19)+(2) = laptop

192.168.0.(10-19)+(3) = less important one


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    6 years ago

    So are you using address reservations for the ranges here, and static address on the machines? or are you just using an address reservation for each machine?

    interesting scheme you have anyway! might as well change your IP configuration to something private not the 192.168.x.x scheme :)


    Reply 6 years ago

    Each device type has an range assign do it. So all laptops will have ip (and yes unless you increase the range you would be limited to 10 devices of the same type) and since reservations are made on router - i dont have to configure each machine.
    the ip address can be changed to anything you want of course just be consistent


    6 years ago

    Thanks for sharing this idea!