Introduction: How to Remove Background of the Image Using GIMP (Path Tool)

Hi Everyone, I'm Daniel In this instructable I'm gonna show you How to Remove Background of your Images for free using the Open Source Image Editing Software called GIMP.

If you don't know about GIMP. It is the free and open source image editing software which can be used as an free alternative for Photoshop. GIMP stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program.

Download GIMP from here

Step 1: Open GIMP

  • After downloading GIMP install it
  • Open GIMP
  • Drag and Drop your Image you need Remove Background

Step 2: Select Path Tool

  • Select Path tool from the Tool box
  • Or Press B on your Keyboard to Select Path Tool

Step 3: Draw the Path Around the Subject

  • Draw the Path Around the Subject you need to Extract
  • Left Mouse Click will create the nodes using this nodes you can create the path around the Subject
  • Curves can be made using path but you need some experience
  • Tip - Draw the Path lightly inside your Subject
  • Tip - You can undo by using Ctrl + Z and Redo using Ctrl + Y
  • Ctrl + Click on the Final node to close the Loop

Step 4: Delete the Background

  • After Finishing drawing the path Right Click your mouse and Select - Select from Path
  • Since this will select the Subject but we need to select the background so we need to Invert the Selection
  • For that Right Click and Select - Invert
  • Then press Delete on your Keyboard to delete the Background

Step 5: Conclusion

That's it. Now you just remove your Image's Background and Made it white. Thanks for reading.

If you still have doubts comment down or watch my tutorial video on YouTube. I clearly explained each and every step over there.

God bless...